By Sam Haysom

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So the final Star Wars: The Upward thrust of Skywalker trailer has dropped, and you would better command there’s loads in there to focus on.

Before we trudge any extra though, you would better give the trailer yet any other viewing. In particular the moment that begins at 1: 13, and has to invent with our colorful, direct ideal friend, C-3PO:

„What are you doing there, Threepio?“

„Talking one last look for, sir… at my company.“

OK, so there some longer theories as to what that moment might per chance perhaps in actuality indicate — little bit of a fast seek via Twitter is ample to illustrate that some of us are already in chubby awe mode.

me : i will contend with anything in tros as lengthy as i comprise finnpoe

trailer : threepio might per chance perhaps bag damage/die

me : withhold on a second

— spooky emma 🎃 finnpoe endgame (@riseoftico) October 22, 2019

Threepio: I’m taking one last look for at my company.

Me: *screaming, crying, throwing my tv at my neighbors*

— Jim does a Star Battle nonetheless Spooky (@ObsKenobs) October 22, 2019

me brushing off threepio’s „last look for at my company“ as straight forward drama before realizing if he is destroyed its in actual fact the discontinue, as anakin used to be the one who built him, therefore making him the correct core of the skywalker’s myth starting and ending with him

— 🎃👻💀spooky upsetting cece z 🎃👻💀 (@cece___Z) October 22, 2019


Aloof, awe aside, it is most efficient a fleeting moment from the trailer which has potentially been placed there intentionally to generate as noteworthy buzz as that which that you just would be able to perhaps command, correct?


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