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A cashmere robe or washable leather pants would possibly well be the true reward to your stylish cherished one.
NakedCashmere/Karolina Zmarlak

Buying items is sophisticated sufficient as it is far, but it will genuinely feel extra sophisticated when that special someone in your life is mainly stylish, so Insider turned to celeb stylists Nicole Chavez, Rebecca Dennett, and Samantha Brown for some relieve. 

From cashmere robes and washable leather pants to waterproof briefcases and an extraordinarily ideal bucket hat, they’ve bought one thing for each person. 

And the stylists, whose purchasers embrace Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jodie Comer, and Kristen Bell, additionally revealed the items on their very possess select lists this one year. 

Take your loungewear to the next stage with this cashmere robe from NakedCashmere.

Stylist gift guide

The robe is manufactured from 100% pure cashmere and is derived in purple, shadowy, blue, gray, beige, and cream.


„Regarded as one of my private current issues is my cashmere bathrobe, so I know firsthand that this will draw a improbable existing,“ Samantha Brown urged Insider. 

Value: $325 

Uncover more about the Ynes Robe from NakedCashmere here.

Monogram necklaces receive a fresh look with this draw by Otiumberg.

Otiumberg letter tag necklace

The letter ticket necklace by Otiumberg.


Dennett recommends this gold ticket necklace by British jewellery attach Otiumberg, which offers free shipping in the US, UK, and any country in the European Union.  

Value: $320.84 

Uncover more about the Gold Label Necklace by Otiumberg here.

Good baggage is continuously a immense reward for relations, Brown urged Insider. Her current is that this carry-on from Zero Halliburton.

Stylist gift guide

The featherweight carry-on comes in shadowy, blue, gold, or silver.
Zero Halliburton

„Dapper baggage is continuously a tall hit, as most of us assemble now not draw the investment in lawful, quality commute pieces,“ Brown added. 

Value: $436 

Uncover more about the Spinner Elevate-On from Zero Halliburton here.

This waterproof briefcase by Filson stays stylish while aloof resisting the parts.

Style gift guide

The briefcase is made with rugged twill, an industrial-energy fabric that resists set on and repels water.


Dennett loves this briefcase by Filson, which comes in tan, inexperienced, navy, and two a quantity of shades of gray. 

Value: $325 

Uncover more about the Rugged Twill Licensed Briefcase by Filson here.

You may well now not select to position to your unique sun hat to carry it safe while flying to a tropical vacation getaway due to this hat field from Calpak.

Stylist gift guide

The gentle-weight hat field facets a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, as successfully as a waterproof laborious shell quilt.


„Stir baggage would possibly well likely aloof be as smooth as the clothes internal, and this hat field from Calpak will now not disappoint,“ Brown urged Insider. 

Value: $145 

Uncover more about the Baye Mountainous Hat Box from Calpak here.

The Pilo Material Shaver from Steamery eliminates lint and pills from your current sweaters.

Oprah's favorite things

You may well be in a position to receive the Pilo Material Shaver in purple (pictured), blue, or matte shadowy.

Chavez recommends gifting this fabric shaver to any fashionista in your life to relieve defend their threads looking fresh.

Value: $49.95

Uncover more about the Pilo Material Shaver by Steamery here.

The silk pillowcases from Crawl are loved by beauty editors and stylists.

Stylist gift guide

The silk pillowcase from Crawl comes in a form of a quantity of colours and patterns.

„On your pals and family who adore straightforward luxuries, silk pillowcases genuinely feel special and set wonders to your pores and skin and hair,“ Brown urged Insider. 

Value: $85 for one pillowcase

Uncover more about the silk pillowcases from Crawl here.

Chavez urged Insider that these coasters by Hermès are a excellent reward for pals.

Toutenpapier Tatoo Color coasters

These coasters will modernize any espresso desk.


The 12 coasters feature six a quantity of graphic designs on one aspect, and an identical draw on the other. 

Value: $95 

Uncover more about the coasters by Hermès here.



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