From Chariots of Fire to Blades of Glory, our list of 50 sport movies or not it is miles a must must gaze with out a doubt purchased you talking.

One of the selections had been outright winners with you, others did not barely score the quantity of savor you would possibly perhaps perhaps ask.

After which there had been the flicks we left off the list. With regards to the sport genre of movie making, the controversy and suggestions factual carry on coming.

Luxuriate in a learn of the 50 sport movies selected by our BBC Sport journalists here.

As you undergo, expend the thumb icons to snarl us while you counsel the movie or while you mediate or not it is miles a straight-to-video launch.

Then head over to Twitter and expend the hashtag #mybestsportfilm to supply us your supreme sport movie.

The movies we all agree on – your top three

Frosty Runnings

The thumbs up winner of the 50 sport movies or not it is miles a must must gaze is ‚Frosty Runnings‘.

A 1993 traditional staring Leon Robinson, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba and John Candy, the (nearly) valid yarn of a Jamaican bobsleigh team making an try to attain the 1988 Winter Video games in Calgary will warm the cockles of any movie watcher.

With memorable quotes galore, what 90s kid did not cry this in the playground? „Feel the rhythm, in fact feel the rhyme, score on up, or not it is bobsled time! COOOOL RUNNNNNINGS!“

What you talked about

Alex Ramsden: Frosty Runnings is up there for John Candy by myself.

James Craig: Frosty Runnings every single day.

Andrew Harvery: Frosty Runnings what a nice movie.

Salvage away to Victory

What movie can boast Sylvester Stalone breaking a finger whereas making an try to set a shot from Brazil story Pele, whereas on the an identical time having Argentina icon Ossie Ardiles name out Sir Michael Caine for being so „dreadful“ at soccer, he „couldn’t even creep twenty yards“?

It be Salvage away to Victory, recipient of the silver medal award and one among the campest footy movies ever made.

With a Invoice Conti calm accumulate to dart the feelings, plus a recurring mix of Hollywood royalty and Ipswich Town players, 1981’s Salvage away to Victory is a cheery, uplifting and as soon as rapidly ludicrous clutch, instructed fully against enthusiasts of the honest game.

What you talked about

Simon Cockley:Surely has to be Salvage away to Victory – an all superstar XI…and Sly Stallone

Soertaert:Salvage away to Victory! Pele, Ardiles, Bobby Moore and Silvester Stallone beating up some Nazis.

An Impossible Job

Bronze space in your thumbs up favourite goes to An Impossible Job.

A Channel 4 flee-on-the-wall documentary directed and produced by Ken McGill, it takes viewers thru the lows and lows of England manager Graham Taylor’s failed quest to attain the 1994 World Cup.

„If [the documentary] hadn’t had been shown,“ Taylor talked about in a later programme „I mediate very few other folks would accumulate realised how noteworthy I cared.“

What you talked about

Griffiths: Mediate we would possibly perhaps silent marketing campaign to score Channel 4 to demonstrate Graham Taylor and An Impossible Job again. A nice soccer documentary, continuously take note media with knives. Assist then handiest newspapers and teletext!

Dean Elderidge: It be simply unparalleled. I re-watched it immediately and had forgotten so many gem stones. By the time you score to the Dutch game, your heart goes out to Taylor. Beautifully attach collectively; the not unique bearer for all soccer documentaries this day.

‚I will not factor in you uncared for it!‘ – the flicks that had been snubbed

There had been so many movies to chose from that sadly, some properly-identified classics did not score the closing sever.

Nonetheless we can rectify that now – because of you lot getting concerned on Twitter the expend of #mybestsportfilm.

BBC Sport users weren’t shy in letting us know which visual feats we would possibly perhaps even accumulate overpassed.

Coach Carter, 2005, 12A

You in point of fact liked this valid yarn of basketball and laborious lifestyles lessons by the bucket hundreds.

Samuel L Jackson takes on the role of Ken Carter, the Richmond High Faculty basketball coach who made headlines in 1999 for suspending his undefeated high college basketball team because of unhappy academic results.

As coach Carter struggles with the backlash of his decision off the court docket, the movie delivers one knockout emotional punch after one other. „I came here to educate boys…nonetheless you grew to vary into males.“

Ooof. Cross the tissues.

What you talked about

Richard Sharples: The upper of all time uncared for off. How is Coach Carter not there?

James Leigh: Got to be Coach Carter. I imply, who wouldn’t be timid of Samuel L Jackson as a manager?

Catch Bob: HOW is Coach Carter not on this list??

The place to appear: Circulation on Netflix, rent on Amazon High, Sky and YouTube.

Endure in thoughts the Titans, 2000, PG

One other movie thrust into the highlight as „one among the categorical ever“ modified into as soon as American soccer drama Endure in thoughts the Titans.

Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays right lifestyles coach Herman Boone, who’s hired to educate at T.C Williams High Faculty in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971 to mix the soccer team amid rising racial tensions.

The co-produced Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer movie also featured a not-yet-Hollywood-hunk Ryan Gosling and grossed $136m worldwide.

Inspirational, silly, crawl-jerking and uplifting. As coach Boone says: „In Greek mythology, the Titans had been even greater than the Gods.“

What you talked about

Lee Clark: How Endure in thoughts The Titans hasn’t made this list I score not know, unreal movie.

Gareth Ludlow: Endure in thoughts the Titans with out a doubt!!

Kevin Hopcroft: Must be Endure in thoughts the Titans. It be a movie I in fact accumulate watched again and again. At the same time as you score not are aware of it, the movie is about the most foremost interracial college American soccer team.

The place to appear: Hire on YouTube, Google Play and Disney+

Condominium Jam, 1996, U

Ah the 90s. The final decade that introduced us Britpop, Tamagotchis and Elizabeth Hurley held up by strategically placed safety pins…

It also supplied basketball story Michael Jordan sharing the silver camouflage with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.

Neglect in-depth documentaries about Brian Clough, Ayrton Senna or Borg v McEnroe, Condominium Jam from 1996 modified into as soon as appropriate sort up there for your list of suggestions.

Condominium Jam 2, the sequel to Jordan’s masterpiece and this time starring LA Lakers megastar LeBron James, is scheduled for launch in 2021.

What you talked about

Han O’Conor: Have to claim something revered like Coach Carter…nonetheless in actuality it’s fully Condominium Jam!

Mickey Walsh Jr: Wha-whaaat?! Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes with a stellar basketball forged. Topped off with a nice song ‚I factor in I will flee‘.

David McGee: Woah woah no Condominium Jam on the list? That’s factual an insult. Who would not savor the Looney Tunes taking part in basketball?

The place to appear: Hire on Amazon High, Google Play and YouTube

Everton – Howard’s Procedure, 2019

This 2019 documentary earned itself a reward, constructing momentum in a marketing campaign to be recognised as grand of the list.

A tweet from the official ‘Everton – Howard’s Procedure’ Twitter story made it sure what fans needed to attain: “Appropriate guys, here’s your chance to demonstrate your savor of the movie. Tweet @BBCSport and expend the hashtag #mybestsportfillm.“

Charting the dominance of Everton soccer club beneath manager Kendall in the 1980s, the Toffees, “on the head of their power”, lifted two league titles, an FA Cup, three Charity Shields and a European Cup Winners‘ Cup.

What you talked about

Jane Savage: Everton’s Howard’s Procedure. Incredible soccer and music from the 80s.

Lee Vousden: „Howard’s Procedure“ – one the ’50 sport movies or not it is miles a must must gaze‘. Seemingly look it closing, while you look it first it might perhaps extinguish it for the whole assorted movies.

The place to appear: Hire on Amazon High

The honourable mentions

Right here are about a others you instructed to study every assorted entertained at some level of lockdown…

Kingpin, 1996, 12

James Metal: What about Kingpin? Invoice Murray, Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid… Simplest bowling movie ever!

Bull Durham, 1988, 18

Neil Whelan: The BBC’s list doesn’t consist of Bull Durham?! An defective omission! It’s one portion of a supreme Kevin Costner sporting trilogy alongside with Area of Needs and Tin Cup!

Slap Shot, 1977, 18

Dom Mills: No longer sure how Slap Shot didn’t score it. The iconic Paul Newman in the finest ice hockey movie ever made (okay, lovely sufficient, there aren’t that a number of them – silent an graceful movie though).

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