A Chaotic Ranking of the Scarlet Witch’s Comics Costumes

The cover of Scarlet Witch #6.

The conceal of Scarlet Witch #6.
Image: David Aja (Marvel)

WandaVision’s first trailer made it evident that Elizabeth Olsen was once in the raze going to salvage her wish of being in a plot to play the Scarlet Witch in no longer excellent one new costume, but rather a complete form repeat’s-value of them. As luck would be pleased it, that’s very noteworthy primarily primarily primarily based on the personality’s historical previous of costume modifications in Marvel’s comics.

Now not like her Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart, Marvel Comics’ Wanda has continually had an inherent ability for the…queer, which has suited her personality as a rule. To make dart though, she’s had some outright atrocious fits over time which shall be value revisiting in assert from the least impressive to the most eminent.

A brainwashed Wanda preparing to turn on her former allies.

A brainwashed Wanda making piquant to expose on her old allies.
Image: John Byrne, Bob Sharen (Marvel)

Avengers West Fly #49

After being mentally manipulated into turning on her fellow West Fly Avengers, Wanda temporarily took to carrying a easy, shaded catsuit—a brave deviation from her used scarlet and pink costumes that made her see noteworthy more adore Madelyne Pryor. Even supposing the foundation in the abet of this swimsuit was once that Wanda was once no longer herself, it did shrimp previous telegraph that she’d gone darkish, and in the raze, this see didn’t closing all that long.

The cover of The Ultimates #8.

The conceal of The Ultimates #8.
Image: Bryan Hitch (Marvel)

The Ultimates #8

In Marvel’s Last universe, the Maximoff twins had been introduced as an uncomfortably shut pair of siblings who made in terms of all people spherical them strongly suspect that they had been sexually interested with one one other. In The Lasts, Wanda originally sports a slightly functional (for comedian e book standards) getup that screamed leisurely ‘90s/early-aughts music video that more than about a other folks—particularly Pietro—made some degree of commenting on.

Pietro and Wanda discussing their Christmas plans.

Pietro and Wanda discussing their Christmas plans.
Image: Joe Madureira, Christian Lichtner (Marvel)

Ultimates 3

By Ultimates 3, Wanda began carrying a costume noteworthy more corresponding to her classic bodysuit, albeit with out the tights, a desire made to extra emphasize the scandalousness of her relationship with Pietro. After Tony Stark and Dim Widow’s sex tape is unearthed, the a lot of Avengers originate to fear that Wanda’s sense of fashion will easiest design extra scrutiny from the media and potentially lead to the crew’s soiled secrets being published to the general public. When introduced with this notion, the twins…kind no longer catch it nicely.

Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch on the cover for Force Works #1.

Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch on the conceal for Force Works #1.
Image: Tom Tenney, Rey Garcia, Joe Rosas (Marvel)

Force Works

Whereas working with Force Works through the mid-‘90s, Wanda’s costume (that she began carrying in her first solo comedian e book series) was once in actuality a bathing swimsuit, a necklace, and a pair of gloves. Whereas that could well merely sound rather fashioned for her, the extent of hazard that she and her teammates had been continuously in made the total thing seem sick-map-out.

Wanda stopping Pietro from fighting Magneto.

Wanda stopping Pietro from combating Magneto.
Image: Mike Deodato, Tom Palmer, John Kalisz (Marvel)

Avengers #401

The ‘90s had been a darkish time for fashion in comics right thru. Own shut, to illustrate, the time Wanda spent dressing adore some form of amalgam between Psylocke, Storm, and Jean Grey whereas additionally wielding oddly inexperienced vitality.

Wanda demanding to battle Morgan Le Fey.

Wanda annoying to battle Morgan Le Fey.
Image: Al Vey, George Perez, Digital Chameleon, Tom Smith (Marvel)

Avengers #1 (1998) 

Whereas trapped in an altered fact by Morgan Le Fay to greater swimsuit her frail-world Celtic magic, the Avengers all got big costume modifications that made them all resemble Medieval Times cast participants. George Perez, Al Vey, and Tom Smith designed every Avenger’s ensemble to talk to the fashioned ideas tied to their superhero personae, and Wanda’s was once particularly critical every due to the the sheer lack of bodily protection it supplied her whereas additionally seeming very noteworthy adore the form of thing she’d place on to a themed birthday party on the Avengers Mansion.

Wanda betraying her fellow Avengers.

Wanda betraying her fellow Avengers.
Image: John Byrne, Paul Ryan, Bob Sharen (Marvel)

Avengers West Fly #56

No longer long after Wanda began sporting the shaded catsuit, this shoulder-first wildness grew to turn out to be her lunge-to battle tools. Whereas this was once additionally a wild new see for her, it was once an awfully on-tag catch on her classic costume that gave you the form of drama and high camp that could well be pleased made Magneto truly proud. The see was all but again reflective of John Byrne’s inventive sensibilities than the leisure, but every little thing from the outsized gloves to the ridiculously flared collar merely worked for Wanda.

Wanda and Vision going for a stroll in New Jersey during Halloween.

Wanda and Imaginative and prescient going for a stroll in New Jersey during Halloween.
Image: Rick Leonardi, Ian Akin, Brian Garvey, Bob Sharen (Marvel)

Imaginative and prescient and the Scarlet Witch

Strictly speaking, this wasn’t truly apt one of Wanda’s lawful superhero fits, but it surely was once fragment of a costume thrown collectively so as that she and Imaginative and prescient could well stroll thru the New Jersey suburbs on Halloween evening with out being too accosted by long-established civilians. The assign most of Wanda’s costumes are inclined to emphasize her flair for the extra, Rick Leonardi, Ian Akin, Brian Garvey, and Bob Sharen learned away to raise her desire for a mundane existence of marital bliss with the Imaginative and prescient wherein it’d be completely fashioned for the 2 of them to place long-established other folks clothes on prime of their classic costumes.

Wanda channeling chaos energy.

Wanda channeling chaos vitality.
Image: Daniel Acuña (Marvel)

Uncanny Avengers #3

In sessions where Wanda has more handsome-tuned administration over her expertise to manipulate probability by channeling elemental chaos vitality thru her very being, her costumes are inclined to turn out to be noteworthy more life like and he or she eschews her signature cape for one thing slightly more manageable. Daniel Acuña’s catch on her costume visually reads adore a classic Wanda quantity, but it surely spoke to how, at this point in her existence—when she and Pietro had fair no longer too long previously learned that Magneto wasn’t their father—Wanda was once desperate to hunt knowledge from the fact of her origins and redefine herself.

Wanda on the cover of X-Men #4.

Wanda on the conceal of X-Males #4.
Image: Jack Kirby, Paul Reinman, Stan Goldberg (Marvel)

X-Males #4

Obviously, inexperienced has below no circumstances truly been Wanda’s colour, but her fashioned costume was once once in a whereas depicted in the hue abet in the early days when she was once first making her appearances on X-Males comedian e book covers. The reasoning was once that the covers wished to pop slightly more and no longer be dominated by too noteworthy of someone colour, and because Wanda and Pietro had been working with Magneto on the time, her costume grew to turn out to be inexperienced, whereas Pietro’s grew to turn out to be blue, and the total thing is a multitude one want no longer dwell on for too long.

Wanda casting a hex.

Wanda casting a hex.
Image: Steve Dillon, Frank Martin (Marvel)

Scarlet Witch #3

Whereas touring internationally in quest of a technique to place the total of magic from loss of life in James Robinson’s Scarlet Witch series, Wanda went thru a desire of outfit modifications as one does whereas globetrotting. What this costume lacked in complexity, it made up for with the easy indisputable truth that it was once an awfully pure, albeit staid distillation of Wanda’s fashion sense.

Billy and Teddy seeking out the Avengers for assistance.

Billy and Teddy in quest of out the Avengers for assistance.
Image: Jamie KcKelvie, Mike Norton, Matt Wilson (Marvel)

Young Avengers #2

Even supposing modesty isn’t exactly a fragment of Wanda’s tag, it’s no longer as if she hasn’t been in a plot to drag it off from time. Even when she wasn’t sporting her headdress and a plunging neckline, this see silent screams “Scarlet Witch” particularly due to the the ability Wanda wears it—adore an unbothered magic-user who would be pleased shrimp to no danger hexing a particular person out of existence with the slightest flick of her wrist.

Wanda casting a summoning spell to draw a spirit to herself.

Wanda casting a summoning spell to design a spirit to herself.
Image: Marguerite Sauvage (Marvel)

Scarlet Witch #6

Wanda’s predominantly shaded costumes are inclined to build her no longer see adore herself because they from time to time lack any form of accents that grunt “chaos witch.” Even with out her headdress, though, Marguerite Sauvage’s catch on Wanda in Scarlet Witch was once infused with a clear Shrimp Purple Riding Hood vitality that complimented the arc’s memoir of Wanda touring down the Witch’s Motorway to greater understand the everyday supply of the enviornment’s magics.

The House of Magnus.

The House of Magnus.
Image: Olivier Copiel, Tim Townsend, Frank D’Armata (Marvel)

House of M #6

Marvel’s House of M encapsulated every little thing that was once adverse and dysfunctional about Magneto’s relationships along with his adolescents, as was once evidenced by Wanda corpulent-on warping fact to expose their family into a crew of royals in a world dominated by superheroes. No longer easy a time as this was once for Wanda’s mental health, she did address to whip up what’s arguably truly apt one of her most impressive looks, meant to relief as legit regalia befitting a princess as an alternative of a costume lawful.

Wanda warning Mastermind that if he doesn’t cut out his bullshit, she’ll end him.

Wanda warning Mastermind that if he doesn’t prick out his bullshit, she’ll raze him.
Image: Jack Kirby, Paul Reinman, Stan Goldberg (Marvel)

X-Males #4

Wanda’s correct fashioned costume continues to be iconic because, as foolish because it could well sound on paper, visually, it’s striking as hell and completely blends witchiness with Silver Age comedian e book villainy. At some stage in all of the tumultuous existence modifications she’s been thru, this is the one costume that’s reach abet time and time again, every because artists clearly be pleased a keenness for the kind and since it’s the one which outlined who Wanda is.

The cover of Scarlet Witch #2.

The conceal of Scarlet Witch #2.
Image: Kris Anka (Marvel)

Scarlet Witch #2

In time, all issues need to trade, including the clothes superheroes judge to place on whereas saving the enviornment. In an awfully attention-grabbing ability, Wanda’s famous Scarlet Witch costume managed to incorporate components of the total costumes that got right here earlier than it and streamline them into one thing that was once every orderly and cohesive.

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