Closing 365 days, Amazon launched the Echo Wall Clock, a bodily clock that could well presumably furthermore also display timers out of your Echo map via a ring of LEDs in the future of the clock’s face. Now, a brand contemporary model of the map, the Echo Wall Clock ME, has shown up in Federal Communications Price filings, and evidently the contemporary model will be Mickey Mouse-themed.

Beyond the addition of Mickey’s smiling face, zigzag time-telling hands, and a cartoony background, it seems cherish the Echo Wall Clock ME (Mickey Model?) shares deal of traits with the traditional Echo Wall Clock. The ME seems to indulge in the same font for the clock’s numbers and same LEDs all in the future of the clock face.

Essentially based mostly mostly on these filings, although, it’s unclear if there are any completely different variations between the Echo Wall Clock ME and the traditional Echo Wall Clock. Optimistically, it won’t indulge in the connectivity considerations that induced Amazon to snappy stop promoting the traditional.

It’s now not start air the realm of probability that Amazon could well presumably build a Mickey-themed clock — Mickey is already successfully-acknowledged for his aspect gig as a digital timekeeper in the Apple Glance — and presumably the existence of this clock contrivance that Alexa will be getting a Mickey Mouse celebrity dispute rapidly, such as the one it launched of Samuel L. Jackson.

You will be ready to uncover photos of the Echo Wall Clock ME (as successfully as photos of a non-Mickey Mouse-themed version) at completely different angles by scrolling down this PDF. Curiously, whenever you happen to ascertain more contemporary documents published with this FCC entry, the photos of the Mickey Mouse-themed clock are doubtless to be now not contemporary.

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