• Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano snapped an comely selfie while floating in position. 
  • Parmitano is currently serving as the third European and first Italian in provide an explanation for of the Global Home Situation. 
  • Parmitano took the selfie while he became once on a position stroll mission on January 25. 
  • Watch the position selfie and different amazing images from the mission below:
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We’re all striving for that excellent selfie, however an Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano exact do each and every Instagram influencer and celeb to shame by taking a selfie in position.

Parmitano is currently serving as the third European and first Italian in provide an explanation for on the Global Home Situation, according to his web site. 

The photograph, which became once taken on 25 January and uploaded on to NASA’s Flickr online page, will also be viewed below. 

Astronaut takes a selfie in spaceAstronaut takes a selfie in space

An Italian astronaut takes a selfie in position.

NASA Johnson

From the photo appears that Parmitano held up a digital camera as a lot as his reflective position helmet, which doubled up as a mirror, and captured the position selfie. 

In step with NASA, Parmitano became once with fellow astronaut Andrew Morgan and the pair were finalizing thermal repairs on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer — a sad subject and antimatter detector. 

The spacewalk lasted six hours and 16 minutes, and different images showing the astronauts at work will also be viewed below: 

NASA Johnson

A shot showing Luca Parmitano working on repairs on the Alpha magnetic Spectrometer.

NASA Johnson

NASA Johnson space shots

Luca Parmitano pictured tethered to the Global Home Situation while at work.

NASA Johnson

It’s no longer the first time Parmitano has snapped a photograph of himself while orbiting the earth.

He took a a connected selfie in 2013 for the length of his first spacewalk when he became once working as a flight engineer for Expedition 36. 

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