Anderson Cooper hasn’t been this pissed off since Storm Katrina.

On Friday, Cooper interviewed newly-sprung Rod Blagojevich, the faded governor of Illinois who had a 14-12 months jail sentence commuted by Celeb Apprentice host Donald Trump. In 2011, Blago became as soon as found responsible of federal corruption prices connected to then-President Obama’s vacant senate seat.

Throughout his time in jail, Blago obtained woke. Comparing himself to fellow „political prisoner“ Nelson Mandela, he railed in opposition to legal injustice and the hundreds of American citizens looking ahead to clemency.

Cooper became as soon as NOT having it.

Oh, and here is proof that we’re living in the worst timeline. Certainly one of those people is now the chief of the free world and the different is the original Mandela.

by the level Donald Trump scolded Rod Blagojevich on the Celeb Apprentice over unsuitable Harry Potter info and inadequate Harry Potter learn

— Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) August 8, 2019

Image by United States Marshals Carrier –, Public Domain, Hyperlink

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