By Adam Rosenberg

Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson, both of them veterans of the Shock Cinematic Universe, are space to personnel up one more time for a decidedly more grounded story. 

In The Banker, a primarily based mostly-on-truth narrative and Apple Normal Film, the duo performs Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, respectively. All the design by the 1960s, the 2 hatched a notion to have an effect on a trusty estate and banking empire spherical the root of serving to African People forge their very have direction to discovering the American Dream.

To achieve it, they sought serve from a working class white guy by the establish of Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult, of X-Men fame). Garrett and Morris taught Steiner be taught the formula to socialize in filthy rich guy circles, and former him as the face of their operation at a time in historical past when the color of 1’s pores and skin was an begin and in an complete bunch conditions legally mandated barrier (in desire to the systemic barrier it soundless is at the unusual time).

The Banker hits theaters on Dec. 6, a pair of weeks earlier than its eventual Apple TV+ free up, in Jan. 2020.

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