A whereas back we ran some pages from Drew Friedman’s new e-book The total Presidents, which has a portrait of every U.S. President, drawn by Drew. Even as you happen to happen to be wherever cease to Ohio Philosophize University, enact yourself a want and leer Drew’s „Drawn to Presidents” expose on the Billy Eire Library & Museum.

The Billy Eire Comic strip Library & Museum gifts Drawn to Presidents: Portraits and Satiric Drawings by Drew Friedman November 2, 2019 thru February 9, 2020.

Pennsylvania-essentially essentially based illustrator Drew Friedman has employed his intensely practical, warts-and-all form of cartoon to satirize movie star and authority for four a long time. In his most fashionable e-book from Fantagraphics Books, The total Presidents, Friedman parts his pen on the unfamiliar club of the USA presidents.

This expose beneficial properties the standard artwork created for The total Presidents, as neatly as presidential-themed normal artwork created for, among others, SPY, MAD, TIME, Newsweek, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Observer, and TOPPS “Wacky Packs.”

Constructing on a centuries-previous custom of cartoonists satirizing those in vitality, Friedman’s influences embody Edward Sorel, Robert Grossman, Mort Drucker, David Levine, and extra.

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