The Better Name Saul episode “Bagman” showed Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) getting in over his head. He agreed to need up $7 million in bail money for Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) in the barren predicament. Issues didn’t walk consistent with thought and loads of the episode featured Saul and Mike (Jonathan Banks) out in the barren predicament. Vince Gilligan directed “Bagman.”

Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk
Bob Odenkirk | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Images Tv

Gilligan joined his co-creator Peter Gould and Affiliate Producer Jenn Carroll on The Better Name Saul Insider Podcast to talk referring to the “Bagman” episode. Better Name Saul airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

‘Bagman‘ modified into as soon as the first ‘Better Name Saul’ Vince Gilligan can also tell after ‘El Camino’

“Bagman” modified into as soon as an narrative episode of Better Name Saul for Gilligan to tell. Then again, he modified into as soon as busy filming El Camino: A Breaking Inferior Movie, so he had runt varied different.

“It needed to dangle up out with you finishing enhancing the movie and referring to the place your window modified into as soon as after the movie,” Gould mentioned. “Heavenly early on in the season, you had mentioned, ‘What about episode eight?’ I in my belief had this image of how you should presumably tell this and what it’d be love.”

Vince Gilligan directed the
L-R: Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Images Tv

When Gilligan realized how much this explicit episode of Better Name Saul entailed, he tried to beg off. Gould wouldn’t let him off the hook.

“You potentially don’t remember this, there modified into as soon as a moment long previous to you noticed the script the place you mentioned, ‘Presumably I can also aloof lift out a special one.’ There modified into as soon as a question of presumably switching out. I don’t on the entire think of myself as a producer first nevertheless I suspect this modified into as soon as surely one of my most realistic likely moments producorially for putting the actual man in the seat for the actual episode.

Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan had been waiting to salvage to this level in ‘Better Name Saul’

When Gilligan and Gould determined that Mike is really a persona on Better Name Saul, they expected Jimmy and Mike to pass on extra adventures together. 

Better Call Saul: Bagman
L-R: Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Images Tv

“What I remember is correct the image of Heart of the night time Flee which is in my belief surely one of my favourite movies,” Gould mentioned. “Factual the thought of those two guys together, presumably even for years we had been pitching that they had been handcuffed together. That’s what I believed the display modified into as soon as going to be after we started. In a roundabout device, the 48th episode of the display we sooner or later obtained to what I believed we had been going to dangle up out episode two.”

Vince Gilligan directed the flipping automobile

The wide stunt on the live of the episode modified into as soon as the automobile flipping behind Odenkirk. Gilligan had a entire lot of cameras operating to need the stunt.

“We had six or seven cameras going because you most efficient desire to dangle up out something love that after,” Gilligan mentioned. “God forbid you gotta to dangle up out it twice. That’s a wide motive you bear got six or seven cameras. Now not because you necessarily must utilize all of them in the edit nevertheless because God forbid one or two of them fails.”

Gilligan modified into as soon as moreover humble about his feature directing the scene. He gave credit score to Better Name Saul stunt driver Corey Eubanks for pulling it off. 

“You predicament up the shot because the director as on your yell right here’s what I desire,” Gilligan mentioned. “Then in actuality you know the device runt a director does for some of basically the most memorable moments, the largest photos that they salvage your entire credit score for. I actually correct stood round whereas all these consultants made it happen. My one responsibility modified into as soon as to name prick. I wished to be positive we had long enough in the enhancing room to dangle up on this automobile correct on its facet.”

The auto flip can also bear long past any direction

There’s moreover most efficient plenty you should presumably predict a few flipping automobile. The Better Name Saul crew needed to be ready to need whatever came subsequent.

Jonathan Banks in Better Call Saul
Jonathan Banks | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Images Tv

“We correct didn’t know even the place the truck modified into as soon as going to land,” Carroll mentioned. “We belief it could perchance presumably walk simple nevertheless depending which tires popped first, it could perchance presumably walk off to the left, it could perchance presumably walk off to the actual. So we needed to thought for all of this stuff to be positive we obtained it on film 100%.”

Security came first on ‘Better Name Saul’

Initially, the smartly-known particular person of Better Name Saul modified into as soon as no longer in actuality in entrance of the flipping automobile. That modified into as soon as movie magic.

“Bob Odenkirk modified into as soon as no longer in actuality in entrance of the automobile when it did the flip,” Gould mentioned. “As a producer on the display, there’s nothing extra essential to any of us than doing this stuff safely.”

Gould hopes your entire aspiring filmmakers watching Better Name Saul and listening to the podcast realize how one can cease such photos safely.

A stunt love this takes actually weeks of preparation, 1000s of man hours. Moreover, these are consultants. With [stunt coordinator] Al Goto, nothing’s extra essential than to understand after we’re in the writers room, we are able to come up with any extra or much less loopy sh*t and it’s the truth is up to them generally to direct, ‘Well, presumably we are able to also aloof lift out it this skill or that means.’ For all people accessible, all you students who are pondering let me salvage that frigid shot of the automobile driving over the camera, let me salvage this frigid shot of any individual hanging off a involving automobile or any individual operating by a crowd with a false gun. There’s plenty that you don’t know that you bear got to learn previous to you lift out any of this stuff.

Peter Gould, The Better Name Saul Insider Podcast, 4/7/2020

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