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Elysee Sheikh stars in Sacch, a Pakistani film role in Scotland

A brand recent film shot entirely in Scotland has brought in abilities from Pakistan and India to showcase the one in every of Bollywood and Lollywood movies, according to its director Zulfikar Sheikh.

He acknowledged he had produced 17 serial dramas for Pakistani TV, all role in Scotland, and had always desired to envision a film.

„The speculation is to bring the 2 communities together from India and Pakistan,“ he says. „They cannot work together in their bask in countries so now we hold to bring them over right here.“

The film, Sacch, opens at chosen UK cinemas, including Glasgow’s Silverburn Cineworld, from Friday.

The film is scripted by Bollywood screenwriter Kumud Chaudhry and has dialogue by Pakistani playwright Haseena Moin.

Moin’s only credit on a Bollywood film became Raj Kapoor’s Henna, which became launched in 1991.

The film became a field office success and became chosen as India’s entry for the Simplest International Language Film on the Oscars but Moin eradicated her title over tensions between Muslims and Hindus after a mosque bombing.

What are Bollywood and Lollywood?

Bollywood is the nickname given to mighty of the Indian film alternate.

The B comes from Bombay (now identified as Mumbai), the substandard for the Indian Hindi-language film alternate.

Bollywood makes up to 800 movies a yr – twice as many as Hollywood.

The most successfully-identified fabricate of Bollywood film is „masala“ which mixes songs, dances, love triangles, comedy and dare-devil thrills.

The scripts are in most cases written in an unadorned Hindi-Urdu, identified as Hindustani, which will be understood by the supreme imaginable audience.

Worthy of the Pakistani film alternate has historically been basically basically based mostly in the metropolis of Lahore and is now continuously continuously known as Lollywood.

First Pakistani film

The recent film is produced by the director’s wife, Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, the inclined SNP MP for Ochil and South Perthshire.

She says: „Up to now as we know right here is the main Pakistani movie shot in Scotland.“

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Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh produced the film

Ms Sheikh is the daughter of an tutorial and an actress who toured with the Royal Shakespeare Firm.

She grew up in Edinburgh and studied law at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

She says that quickly after her marriage in 1993 she seemed in Des Pardes, a drama portraying Scottish-Asian lifestyles, directed by her husband.

After that she returned to the law, working as a solicitor and later as a politician.

Most unbiased no longer too prolonged ago, she had been a producer and presenter on The Alex Salmond Present on RT.

She has now returned to working with Zulfikar, producing a „feelgood“ movie in the one traditions of both Indian and Pakistani movies.

„We desired to fabricate one thing that young Scottish Asians could well possibly peek as successfully as an elder abilities and indigenous Scots,“ she says.

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The film’s director Zulfikar Sheikh and his daughter Elysee

„It would no longer subject what color your pores and skin is, the set you come from, what religion or none, the elements you face are precisely the the same.

„I moreover favor young Asians to no doubt feel good adequate with their background and no longer ashamed of it.“

She moreover says that the film has a solid female presence both in the succor of the digicam and in front of it.

One of many stars is her daughter Elysee, who, as successfully as performing, has loyal finished a Masters in microbiology.

Elysee says she always desired to be a scientist but took performing and musical theatre lessons on the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow.

„When the chance came around to fabricate the film I in truth acknowledged ’no‘ in the foundation because I desired to focal point on my stories,“ she says.

„However then I concept this will doubtless be my large opportunity so as to fabricate both issues that I indulge in in my lifestyles.“

Sacch, which manner truth, combines a family secret with a love triangle.

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Loch Lomond is one in every of the areas historical in the film

The film tells the story of a Pakistani-Scottish man with two sons who fabricate no longer know each and each completely different and who fall in love with the the same girl.

Like the one in every of Bollywood and Lollywood movies there is song among the drama and spectacle, says Zulfikar Sheikh.

He says: „Bollywood or Lollywood movies are very musical. On this command film now we hold 5 songs, we had to edit one out because there were too many.“

He says that his old TV serials were mainly shot in the Highlands but for the film he had historical areas across the central belt, mainly Glasgow.

The metropolis’s Pollok Park and Kelvingrove Museum characteristic in key scenes.

Other areas embody Loch Lomond and the Forth Avenue Bridge.

Zulfikar Sheikh says there is just a few Scotland on the cloak but he would prefer to envision extra movies so the sphere could well possibly peek the large areas the nation has to offer.

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