BRAD Pitt used to be „twinned“ with a 15 365 days recent lady and spent as a lot as five hours a day in a sauna at some stage in his three 365 days stint in Scientology, The Solar can conceal.

The Fight Club star used to be assigned the teenager lady as a „buddy“ to help every other get by the grueling classes and undertook what’s known as the Purification Rundown, spending hours within the sauna to help create the physique „pure“, an ex-Portland member claimed. There may maybe be now not a guideline of any wrongdoing by the actor.

Brad Pitt spent around three years in Scientology in the early 90s


Brad Pitt spent spherical three years in Scientology within the early 90s Credit rating: Getty Photos

Talking out for the first time his aged supervisor Michael Mallen also admitted how he „insulted the s**t out“ of Brad and verbally abused him until he stormed out of the overview room.

Michael told The Solar: „Brad used to be doing the Therapeutic TRs course. TRs are quick for Training Routines devised by Hubbard.

„The first TR entails you sitting all the most practical plot by from one more particular person with eyes closed for some time. Then you positively mediate about at one more particular person with eyes beginning for two hours.

„While you trudge that drill, you trudge into what’s known as bullbaiting. The ‚coach‘ tries to get the pupil to react by pushing the pupil’s ‚buttons‘.

Brad undertook Scientology courses while he was dating Juliette Lewis, who remains in the Church


Brad undertook Scientology packages whereas he used to be dating Juliette Lewis, who stays within the ChurchCredit rating: Getty – Contributor

Michael Mallen was Brad's former supervisor during his courses


Michael Mallen used to be Brad’s aged supervisor at some stage in his packages Credit rating:

„That’s what I did with Brad Pitt. I did it mercilessly, insulting the s**t out of him. His then lady friend Juliette Lewis used to be there.

„He obtained so pi***d off, he walked out of the trailer and accurate spoil up. Juliette had to rescue him; he accurate indispensable to frosty off.

„I bet no person had bullbaited him earlier than. I used to be going somewhat laborious on him, but that is the total level, to get the particular person the set up they’re no longer reacting and can with ease be there.

„She obtained him befriend, talked to him. No one wishes a celeb to leave. If he hadn’t come befriend, I will had been in mammoth difficulty.“

Brad done packages and cleaning packages in Los Angeles and Portland between 1991 and 1993, whereas he used to be dating actress Juliette Lewis, 47, who stays within the Church to at the current time.

In convey of look the packages within the VIP rooms at the Los Angeles Celeb Center, Brad wasn’t as essential as he’s now and had to create label with trailers within the parking space.

Brad did his courses in trailers in the parking lot of the Celebrity Center


Brad did his packages in trailers within the parking space of the Celeb Center Credit rating: Getty – Contributor

„When Brad Pitt got here to the Celeb Center spherical 1991, it used to be being renovated,“ Michael acknowledged.

„We had been in trailers on what’s now the parking space. There had been spherical eight trailers.

„So Brad, this frosty having a mediate about guy, used to be brought in by Juliette, who used to be dating him at the time. He reminded me of James Dean, he had that mediate about.

„He wasn’t that essential then, it used to be earlier than Thelma and Louise got here out. He used to be at the identical convey in his career as Juliette earlier than she did Cape Trouble with Robert De Niro.

„They had been up and comers, so he had no arena being in a trailer. I create now not mediate Tom Cruise would acquire ever been in a trailer excluding if it had been on self-discipline for one in all his motion photography.“

But every other course Brad done used to be TR-3, the set up the pupil asks the supervisor questions reminiscent of, ‘Originate birds cruise?’ or, ‘Originate fish swim?’ If the supervisor doesn’t resolution precisely, then the pupil will repeat the request, over and all over again.

In a roundabout plot, Brad graduated the course after which made a dig at Michael at some stage in his „victory speech“.

Brad was insulted until he ran out of the room during one exercise


Brad used to be insulted until he ran out of the room at some stage in a single enlighten Credit rating: The Mega Company

„He obtained by it and we had a graduation ceremony the set up the college students half their wins, and create comparatively speech,“ he acknowledged.

„Brad aspects to me and says: ‚And I’d desire to thank that son of a b***h for getting me by.‘ He had a smile on his face when he acknowledged it.“

The final Michael knew about Brad’s involvement in Scientology, he acknowledged: „I heard he did the Purification Rundown in Portland.

„Looks worship he determined he’d had adequate spherical that time. They tried to get him befriend, but he by no manner persevered with Scientology.

In the intervening time one more ex-follower, who wishes to live anonymous, remembers Brad visiting the Scientology Celeb Center in Portland as adverse to LA to live away from detection.

There, he used to be assigned a „twin“, who used to be accountable for getting Pitt by his packages.

Per the ex-follower, the twin used to be spherical 15 years recent and she used to be the daughter of two accurate Scientologists.

Brad attended Scientology classes in LA and Portland


Brad attended Scientology classes in LA and Portland Credit rating: Getty Photos

The availability says Pitt and King did the Purification Rundown together, a program developed by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, which consists of high doses of vitamins, lengthy saunas and enlighten.

Hubbard claimed that medications, toxins and radiation are sweated out of the physique leaving it extra pure yet it can well also be unhealthy, advise critics, especially for teenagers.

The insider shows: „I used to be being trained as a lot as be a course supervisor, so used to be despatched to Celeb Center Portland for training.

„While I used to be there I met the teenage daughter of the Executive Director of a Portland-basically basically based Scientology firm.

„One of many issues she told me used to be that Brad Pitt, who used to be dating Scientologist Juliette Lewis at the time, did the Purification Rundown at Celeb Center Portland. He did it there to withhold out of the public uncover.

„Since she used to be the daughter of an established Scientologist she used to be chosen to be Pitt’s twin.

The Scientology Celebrity Center, Hollywood, where Brad took some of his courses


The Scientology Celeb Center, Hollywood, the set up Brad took some of his packagesCredit rating:

„In the Church of Scientology, other folks are typically paired and made accountable for getting every other by packages, so she sat within the sauna with Pitt daily for the month, or so, that it took to get by it.

„She used to be positively within the sauna with him, but there used to be nothing injurious about it.

„Her fogeys had been both very fervent and indispensable spherical Portland Scientology.

„They would acquire wished somebody who may maybe well be true to be spherical Pitt, who would current a undeniable face for Scientology. They looked as if it would mediate that she match that. They had been a sexy family, her dad used to be at all times smiling.

„It used to be spherical 1992 and she used to be about 15 when this took convey.“

Michael left the Church after 40 years in 2014


Michael left the Church after 40 years in 2014Credit rating:

He has written a book about his experiences


He has written a guide about his experiences Credit rating:

Per Scientology recordsdata, Pitt done his Therapeutic TRs in July 1991 and a ’Particular course in human overview’ in Would possibly maybe moreover 1993.

Brad is believed to acquire left the Church spherical 1993 and has by no manner long previous befriend.

His aged supervisor Michael left the Church for good in 2014 after four decades.

He’s now a screenwriter and is within the strategy of turning his guide on Scientology, entitled Brainwashed, accurate into a movie.

He added: „I got here out after 40 years. I wrote a screenplay known as Brainwashed, which is a cautionary epic in step with appropriate occasions. My whole family by no manner obtained in.

„They most definitely wondered what used to be tainted with me and had been ecstatic when I left. While you’re in, it takes a whereas to undo the opinion reform. You’ve obtained to rewire your brain.“


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The Church of Scientology strongly denied Michael Mallen’s epic and raised questions about his credibility. In response multiple sources defended Michael’s personality and vouched for his trustworthiness.

Representatives for Brad Pitt declined to comment.

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