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By Sam Manzella

Darren Criss is a mountainous fan of Good enough-pop, and he doesn’t care who knows.

In a recent interview with MTV wherein he detailed his top musical inspirations, the Assassination of Gianni Versace megastar published he incessantly turns to Good enough-pop greats recognize BTS and Blackpink for inspiration. If fact be told, there’s actually a “mountainous Good enough-pop tune” featured in Royalties, his novel comedy series from Quibi satirizing the realm of songwriting.

“There’s this honest form of outrageousness and honest in your face-ness to those songs, that are persistently surely cool and advanced,” Criss suggested MTV.

The Glee alum added that he listens to “loads” of Good enough-pop, and he thinks superfans will surely worship his nods to the model as Pierce, his Royalties alter-ego. Every episode of the series, wherein Criss stars alongside Kether Donohue, entails different entertainment personalities, recognize Jennifer Coolidge and John Stamos, who play fictional musicians.

“Of us that talk Korean and listen to Good enough-pop it shall be recognize, ‘Why does this occupy no sense?’” he stated. “I roughly liked the root that there used to be what I surely stated [in the song], what the Korean translation used to be, and then in the end what the English translation of the Korean translation, of the conventional direct is. But I did it on reason ‘keep off I know Good enough-pop followers, in particular folks that talk Korean, will stamp and be recognize, ‘That’s no longer…’ I’m recognize, ‘I know, I know!’”

As if we wanted another reason to stan Criss. Gain out which songs he’d imply to a reliable friend and his “cardinal rule” for karaoke by watching the actor-singer’s beefy Tune to Smooth To interview above.

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