Chris O'Dowd appeared on Louis Theroux's podcast 'Grounded' and discussed the infamous Gal Gadot 'Imagine' video he appeared in.
Chris O’Dowd appeared on Louis Theroux’s podcast ‚Grounded‘ and discussed the sinful Gal Gadot ‚Imagine‘ video he appeared in.

Image: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Pictures

By Sam Haysom

Use into story that indispensable person singalong of John Lennon’s „Imagine“ that Gal Gadot organised again in March?

Of the entire videos and messages celebrities bear been striking out into the arena for the length of the coronavirus pandemic, it is potentially stunning to claim that that became one among the ones that went down the worst.

For the length of the most original episode of his podcast Grounded, documentary-maker Louis Theroux spoke to actor Chris O’Dowd — who appeared within the video — to gain his response to the backlash.

„To begin with, thanks so great for bringing it up!“ joked O’Dowd, who is correct associates with Theroux. „2nd of all, thru my interpretation of it, I have faith the backlash became justified.“ 

O’Dowd defined that he became asked to be within the video by his pal Kristen Wiig, who starred alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Girl.

„I will attain one thing Kirsten asks me to attain so obviously we proper did it,“ he defined. „It took five minutes, didn’t take into consideration it. I presumed it became for younger people, or I know that Gal works for UNICEF — so I presumed it became a charity element.“

O’Dowd talked about they were in that first wave of „artistic diarrhoea“ that momentarily encased the arena for the length of the early stages of social distancing.

„It became proper a bunch of people operating round thinking they had to attain one thing, when we in actuality didn’t,“ he talked about. „We proper wanted to relax out and proper preserve the whole lot in. So I have faith any backlash became rather justified.“

After that, the dialog turned to the broader feature celebrities play in society, and how people scrutinize these within the highlight.

„Indubitably all we’re supposed to attain — as you attain in a great deal of your work — is strive to be a replicate to society,“ talked about O’Dowd. „And in most cases it is polished up a small bit bit, that’s radiant. But if it appears to be like like, ‚What were you doing?‘ then we’re failing at our job.

„So then when one thing like [the „Imagine“ video] is thrown on the catch, with small or no thought long gone into it, then it further exacerbates this belief that, who’re these people who’re supposed to be representing us?“

Grounded is accessible now on all major podcast platforms.

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