Presley Gerber, son of supermodel Cindy Crawford, took to Instagram to expose off the most popular addition to his rising sequence of ink — a face tattoo.

The tiny tattoo spells out „misunderstood“ in capital sans-serif font letters on his pretty cheek. 

Gerber posted a image of himself standing with large name tattoo artist Jonathan „JonBoy“ Valena along side a video of Velana tattooing him with the caption „thanks homie.“  

Valena also posted about a photos of the 2 with Gerber’s original tattoo alongside the caption „sorry mom.“

The tattoo artist is never any stranger to tattooing a enormous name, as his long listing of customers comprises astronomical names treasure Justin Bieber, Hailey 1st earl baldwin of bewdley Bieber, and Kylie Jenner. Consistent with Other folk, Valena is identified for his natty an right linework and miniature tattoos. 

Whereas a face tattoo regarded accessible for some fans, this is no longer Gerber’s first hyper-considered tattoo. He and his younger sister Kaia Gerber got tattoos together final month. She opted for a tiny slower bouquet on her wrist and he opted for some lettering on his fingers. He also has a tattoo of Kaia’s name on his left tricep

Even though Gerber’s guests were supportive about his most popular tattoos, some of his followers were shocked, with one even writing „How sad that you just abhor your self so essential that you just stop this to your self…Safe abet.“ 

But Gerber did no longer appear to be phased and shot back at the commenter, „how would this manufacture any individual who even wants abet feel any better. So for example I did. You believe you studied that is going to manufacture me feel better,“ Presley responded. „Crawl rating a existence.“

But any other commenter tried to criticize Gerber’s hand tattoos, writing „These hands are so sinful, you locate true treasure every jail prisoner.“ 

Presley over as soon as more fired back with a witty whine: „tf is a jail prisoner?“ 

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