A police personnel aims his gun towards protesters during demonstrations against India's new citizenship law in Kanpur on December 21, 2019.Image copyright
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Policemen clashing with protesters in Kanpur

Northern India’s Uttar Pradesh has been the worst affected in the continuing protests in opposition to a controversial contemporary citizenship law. Not now not up to 19 of us non-public died in the advise since protests started on 20 December. The BBC’s Vikas Pandey travels to the placement to search out out why it has witnessed such tidy-scale and violent protests.

The extraordinarily slim lanes of Babupurwa in Kanpur city lead me to Mohammed Shareef’s dwelling.

He is sitting outdoor the small tin-roof dwelling. It has trusty one room which doubles as a kitchen right throughout the day and bedroom at night. He gets up, hugs me and breaks down. Numerous minutes circulation in silence.

„I in actuality non-public misplaced the entire lot. I non-public no will to are dwelling. What became my son’s fault? Why did the police shoot him?“ he says attempting to retain wait on tears.

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Media caption‚Our son became shot stupid by police‘

His 30-yr-aged son, Mohammed Raees, died on 23 December – three days after he became shot in the abdomen.

„My son wasn’t even protesting. He became a boulevard hawker and trusty took advise to be on the snort advise. But even when he became protesting, did he must die?

„Did he die because we’re Muslims? Are we now not residents of this nation? I will do asking this quiz till I die,“ he says.

The snort the set apart Mohammed Raees became shot became one among dozens which non-public taken advise in opposition to the Citizenship Modification Act (CAA) in Uttar Pradesh, one among the nation’s poorest states, and across India. Some non-public grew to change into violent as stone-throwing protesters clashed with policemen.

Not now not up to 50 officers non-public been injured in the clashes in Uttar Pradesh alone – but the police non-public moreover been accused of the utilization of disproportionate pressure in opposition to anti-CAA protesters.

Civil rights groups train the law, which affords amnesty to non-Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, discriminates in opposition to Muslims. The govt, nonetheless, argues it is going to give protection to spiritual minorities fleeing persecution, with High Minister Narendra Modi and Dwelling Minister Amit Shah insisting it is now not in opposition to Muslims.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi AdityanathImage copyright
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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has criticised violent protests

But protests, in particular in Uttar Pradesh, dwelling to more than 40 million Muslims, non-public persevered.

The advise’s chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, has said that „revenge“ will doubtless be taken in opposition to of us that destroyed public property. „Their property will doubtless be confiscated to form up for the loss of public property,“ he said.

The police non-public followed his orders and identified „wanted“ of us, mostly Muslims, and stuck their posters across Kanpur.

It has struck concern into the community. In Babupurwa, I met loads of females who said their sons, some as younger as 10, and husbands non-public determined to fly to assorted cities because they concern arrest and torture.

That concern has been further compounded by the existence of the Nationwide Register of Residents (NRC).

Burnt public bus

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Yogi Adityanath has said that his govt will enhance the price of damaged public properties

„The NRC requires of us to repeat they are residents of India,“ Nassiruddin, a baby-kisser and Muslim community leader in Kanpur, explains. „True imagine if a Hindu household and a Muslim household both fail to repeat citizenship – the aged can employ CAA to train citizenship but the latter will doubtless be stripped of their citizenship.“

The govtsays it has no plans to retain the NRC any time soon, but the community restful fears they could perchance perchance now not be able to manufacture the documents wanted to repeat their citizenship. Nassiruddin provides Muslims in the advise are moreover fearful because they don’t belief the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Occasion (BJP).

Posters of Image copyright
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Police in Kanpur non-public stuck posters of „wanted of us“ on partitions

„What is our fault? We are a democracy and we’ve every apt to snort in opposition to one thing we don’t have confidence. But our protector has grew to change into predator. The set apart will non-public to restful we crawl now?“ says one lady, who didn’t are searching to be identified.

As I walked into assorted lanes, the scenes had been identical – only a pair of males and boys, but groups of females huddled together – practically as if they had been ready for somebody to seek files from them a quiz.

„Policemen came to our dwelling in the night and urged us that they’d arrest the total males. They asked us to title of us that had been protesting,“ one more lady, who moreover didn’t are searching to be named, volunteers.

The priority in the Muslim community has been fuelled further by Yogi Adityanath’s outdated anti-Muslim statements, together with advocating for a Donald Trump-vogue commute ban on Muslims in India, accusing Muslim males of forcibly converting Hindu females and comparing Bollywood wide title Shah Rukh Khan to Pakistan-based completely militant Hafiz Saeed.

Riot control policeImage copyright
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Riots do watch over police non-public been deployed in many areas of the advise

Many think that the chief minister is trusty following Mr Modi’s notion of „muscular Hindu nationalism“.

„Uttar Pradesh has change into the ideology’s foremost laboratory,“ Nassiruddin says.

Hundreds, mostly Muslim males, non-public been detained across the advise and web products and companies had been suspended for days. Many prominent activists, together with a aged top policeman, non-public been detained.

The police non-public moreover been accused of intimidating Muslims. Video photographs from Kanpur reveals policemen allegedly vandalising vehicles and properties in Muslim-populated areas in the stupid of the night. My colleagues reported claims of identical incidents from assorted ingredients of the advise.

Some minors say they were beaten up in detentionImage copyright
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Some minors train they had been beaten up in detention

India correspondent Yogita Limaye became urged the police had allegedly vandalised Muslims properties in loads of locations in Muzaffarnagar, some 580km (360 miles) from Kanpur. In one dwelling, they allegedly destroyed the entire lot – together with TVs, fridges and kitchen utensils.

„I moreover met males, and boys, who said they had been detained and beaten by the police,“ she reported.

The home of Muslim family was allegedly destroyed by the police in MuzaffarnagarImage copyright
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The home of a Muslim household became allegedly destroyed by the police in Muzaffarnagar

BBC Hindi’s Zubair Ahmed moreover reported allegations of police brutality in Meerut and Bijnor, cities in western Uttar Pradesh.

Not now not up to eight of us died of gunshot wounds in these areas. Their households said they had been shot by the police – even supposing police narrate these allegations.

A pattern emerges will non-public to you hear these experiences – detention, followed by vandalism of vehicles and ransacking of properties in Muslim-populated areas in the night.

However the advise’s top policeman accountable for law and reveal denied the allegations.

PV Ramasastry urged the BBC that those accountable for unfavorable public property had been being arrested and identified in step with „digital proof“.

Locals in Kanpur say police vandalised carsImage copyright
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Locals in Kanpur train police vandalised vehicles

When I asked him why the police non-public been like a flash to purchase action in opposition to protesters in step with videos but now not in opposition to its non-public officers, he said anybody became „free to form accusations“.

He moreover denies that the police vandalised any property. When I confirmed him photographs of the alleged incidents, Mr Ramasastry says „trusty a video randomly posted someplace is now not entire by itself“.

„One has to freeze the advise and the context. Any definitive answer can’t be equipped in step with a particular video,“ he provides.

He moreover denies police had been enthusiastic by any of the advise’s 19 snort-related deaths, asserting investigations had been „ongoing“.

But social activist Sumaiya Rana said the police will non-public to restful be held accountable.

Burnt police carImage copyright
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Police vehicles had been moreover set apart on fireplace right through protests

„Violence is now not the answer but that applies to both aspects. Police will non-public to restful purchase action in opposition to of us that indulged in violence, but is shooting at protesters the excellent capacity?“ she said.

„So many of us non-public died – we assign a query to that a just trusty investigation will non-public to restful be held.“

I spoke to policemen on the ground and a few of them said they had been working below intense tension. One, who didn’t are searching to be identified, urged me that they had been ordered to „do watch over protests at any place“.

„We needed to baton fee and employ stride-gasoline guns. It is difficult to employ pressure in opposition to our non-public residents. But it be vital to realise that policemen are trusty caught in the heart,“ he said.

Meanwhile, political parties non-public blamed every assorted for the protests.

The advise’s ruling BJP said protests grew to change into violent because „younger Muslim of us had been being misled by the opposition parties“.

„We maintained law and reveal in the advise effectively since we came to energy three years previously. But this time, violence took advise because of politics. The Samajwadi Occasion (SP) and the Bahujan Samaj Occasion non-public perplexed of us about the CAA. They planned and instigated these protests,“ Swatantra Dev Singh, the BJP’s advise chief, urged the BBC.

Uttar Pradesh BJO chief Swatantra Dev Singh

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Uttar Pradesh BJP chief Swatantra Dev Singh blames opposition parties for the violence

„The CAA is now not in opposition to Muslims or actually in opposition to any assorted religion. Our govt works for all individuals – without discriminating in opposition to any caste or religion. We welcome criticism but no one is allowed to wound public property,“ he said.

But of us that died had been mostly Muslims.

Mr Singh says any loss of life is sad but the opposition parties are accountable for what has took advise in the advise.

Akhilesh Yadav, aged chief minister and the leader of the Samajwadi Occasion, denied these allegations.

„The govtdesires to answer to who shot these of us? Why did the police now not purchase any preventive measures?

„It is easy to form accusations. The protests conceal the BJP’s failure in keeping peace in the advise. They’ve introduced the CAA to divert the distinction from disorders devour the slowing financial system and an absence of jobs. They’re searching to divide the advise on non secular lines.

Former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav

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Ragged Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav says the government has did now not retain law and reveal in the advise

„The manager minister and his Hindutva agenda is accountable for the dispute. The capacity the police non-public behaved will non-public to restful ring horror bells for all individuals. It is now not even about politics anymore – neatly-liked human rights are being violated and it be unhealthy for the advise and the nation.“

Civil society participants train that every person stakeholders are busy making accusations in opposition to every assorted but no one is inviting to give solutions.

„The actual fact is that 19 of us non-public died in a single among India’s largest advise. Anyone has to answer to to their households. We are a democracy and the price of snort can’t be loss of life,“ Ms Rana concludes.

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