Lindsay Lohan on the movie poster for 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.'
Lindsay Lohan on the movie poster for ‚Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.‘

By Tricia Crimmins

With Disney+’s birth earlier this month and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, there would possibly maybe be by no manner been the next time to binge weak favorites. This week, we’re taking a stumble on back at Disney hits and catching up on movies we omitted the first time. Be part of us for a stroll down memory lane. 

As an indispensable schooler within the early 2000s and an handiest baby devoid of heaps of teen girl fair fashions, I harbored a tiny obsession for romcom heroines who would possibly maybe maybe maybe stand in as my imaginary older sisters. Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) in She’s the Man taught me how to be shameless; Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) from The Princess Diaries showed me that it’s what’s on the interior that counts, and in The Sisterhood of the Touring Pants; the relationship among Carmen (The United States Ferrera), Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Bridget (Blake Active), and Lena (Alexis Bledel) exemplified the charge of feminine friendship. 

But one sister-adjoining idol trumped the relaxation of my onscreen fair fashions: Lindsay Lohan’s “Lola” in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004). Funnily ample, the fearlessness of my childhood idol, a character who, at 15, is now eight years my junior, mild strikes a chord with me.

Forced to switch from Original York Metropolis to Dellwood, Original Jersey, Lola deeply resents her (single) mom for relocating their family, which comprises her twin minute sisters, to suburbia, and continuously makes her emotions known, no topic the mark.

Though she’s the fresh girl at Dellwood Excessive, Lola finally ends up starring within the faculty’s rock opera musical and going by off in opposition to the faculty’s queen bee, Carla Santini (Megan Fox). Lola has a substandard behavior of mendacity to “attach [herself] seem more difficult.” She even tells her fresh finest buddy, Ella (Alison Pill), that her father tragically died in a motorcycle accident. (He didn’t die in a motorcycle accident, and, of route, in all equity alive.)

Born and raised in Dellwood, Ella does “the total lot you’re supposed to forestall, will hold to you’re supposed to forestall it,” and by no manner questions the relaxation. No lower than, except she meets Lola. 

The girls bond over their mutual enjoy of the rock band Sidarthur. Lola drags Ella into her antics, which consist of stealing from the faculty’s costume store and sneaking into concert events with out tickets. Though she’s along for the move, Ella is by no manner fully converted into a rule-breaker adore Lola. Overwhelmed by the guilt and horror attributable to the functionality penalties of her and Lola’s shenanigans, Ella is wont to instruct, dry-heave, and horror. 

In the prolonged travel, the girls demonstrate to be unimaginable influences on every diversified. Ella teaches Lola that she doesn’t want to “demonstrate the relaxation” to others by mendacity, and Ella thanks Lola for encouraging her to be “plucky ample to be diversified.” 

As a brand fresh girl at my possess excessive college, Lola’s yarn felt plan more private to me.

By the purpose I became in excessive college, I had left many of my romcom heroines within the previous. Lola became the exception. After I became 14, I moved to a brand fresh metropolis and became the fresh girl at my excessive college. So, her yarn felt plan more private to me. I needed desperately to emulate her mettlesome transition into a brand fresh ambiance, and ended up revering Lola because she had the total lot that felt off-limits to me. 

Lola attire adore a bohemian celeb and revels within the proven reality that she sticks out adore a sore thumb. Such self belief catches the comprise of the too-soft boy not far away, Sam (Eli Marienthal). I, on the diversified hand, became overwhelmed by the prospect of constructing fresh pals and becoming in — and deeply sad in my possess skin. So to steer distinct of directing any additional attention to myself or my physique, I wore dishevelled sweatshirts reasonably than explicit myself by a non-public vogue. 

Sooner than the film’s credits roll, having starred in her college’s musical and met her celeb crush, Lola dull dances with Sam and muses that “now that [her] profession is launched, maybe [she] would possibly maybe maybe maybe hold a boyfriend.” (Lola is characteristically hyperbolic in announcing that her excessive college stardom had launched her Broadway profession.) Regardless, she’s snagged an lovable boy not far away. I, on the diversified hand, became trapped in a instruct of unrequited crush. First kisses had been social forex, and I became hopelessly broke. 

That acknowledged, I disapproved of Lola’s routine mendacity, and I known it as a manifestation of her underlying insecurities. But no topic no topic motivated her dishonesty, Lola mild took all of it — the triumphs and humiliations — in shuffle, and I admired that.

About a weeks ago, I rewatched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen for the first time since I became 16. Years after my dreadful first days of excessive college, my reverence for Lola has naturally waned. As a topic of reality, to my tiny horror, I now comprise heaps of myself in Ella.

Blinded by my admiration for Lola, I outdated to deeply pity Ella. I became at a loss for words as to what she became so frightened of. Lola became reckless, but she freed herself from any social inhibitions. Ella became overly mild and trapped in a cage of conformity that she’d grown dependent upon. Why be an “Ella” will hold to it is likely you’ll perchance maybe perchance moreover be a “Lola?” In actuality, why be adore Ella the least bit?, I assumed.

Why be an “Ella” will hold to it is likely you’ll perchance maybe perchance moreover be a “Lola?” In actuality, why be adore Ella the least bit? 

But now, handiest 5 months out of faculty and faced with the conclusion of the overwhelming, lifelong duty of being fully liable for myself, I’ve become a total rule-follower. My newfound identification with Ella isn’t horrifying. 

I’m organized, almost to a droll extent, and I fetch ample sleep veritably. I price slice-off dates as sacred and fair by atmosphere many for myself. And for the most segment, I’m proud of these responsible habits. But my tendency to lean on Kind A behaviors if truth be told has its drawbacks. Esteem many 23-yr-olds, I fight with self-doubt. I utilize heaps of my time caring that I’m no longer working no longer easy ample, that there’s one thing that I’m forgetting, that I’m come what would possibly maybe falling short — although there isn’t a guidebook to “proper existence.” 

Despite my affinity for Lola and Ella, I realize that they are, eventually, archetypes, fictional characters stuck in time. My identification is proper, dynamic, and ever-evolving. I’ve leveled up from being that hopeless excessive schooler: I now rock assertion gadgets that would put Lola’s cloth wardrobe to disgrace, and I’m proud to affirm that I’ve had my first kiss. 

And, precise adore Ella, I’m an professional planner and I disfavor mendacity to my fogeys. These are precise things. But I, too, would mild hold the merit of taking a net page out of Lola’s e-book. (Not one about compulsive mendacity.) To at the present time, Lola has me beat on radical self-assuredness and liberation from self-doubt. So I’ll fetch emulating her spirit except it feels proper to me, except I’ve made it my possess.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is now on the market to circulation on Disney+.

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