By Sam Haysom

„Candyman ain’t a he. Candyman’s the total damn hive. A legend esteem that — grief esteem that — lasts and not utilizing a sign of ending.“

These are the phrases spoken by Colman Domingo’s character in the teaser for the Jordan Peele-penned Candyman, which sheds more gentle on the figure’s starting up attach apart legend following the full-dimension trailer we had abet in February.

Earlier in the month, director Nia DaCosta additionally tweeted one more clip from the movie, which makes employ of shadow puppets to expose a tale she describes as „on the intersection of white violence and sunless grief“ — a tale about „unwilling martyrs.“

Domingo’s voiceover in the unusual teaser drills this level home.

„Candyman is how we take care of the reality that these items happen,“ he says, over footage of a puppet police officer firing a gun. „That they are peaceful going down.“

Candyman comes to theatres September 25.

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