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The Folks of Moniaive

A humorous e-book author helps a village mount a „fightback“ in opposition to the commercial affect of the coronavirus.

Alan Grant – who’s known for his work on Decide Dredd and Batman – lives in Moniaive, in Dumfries and Galloway.

He has helped dozens of local residents to invent their very non-public humorous chronicling their struggles with Covid-19.

It is miles being sold to aid generate funds for Revitalise Moniaive, which turn into set up up to retain corporations and enhance the village’s economic system.

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The Folks of Moniaive

Delight in many rural communities, it has been hit involving by the virus and the following restrictions, with all local festivals, reveals and events cancelled.

Mr Grant turn into approached to position his abilities to make employ of to aid kickstart the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign and „alleviate the boredom“ of lockdown.

It turn into a mission which hasty captured the imagination and inhabitants of all ages absorb been curious to make a contribution.

The end result – produced with the enter of dozens of residents – tells the legend of how the „wonderful wee village“ has pulled together at a time of disaster.

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The Folks of Moniaive

Mr Grant acknowledged he had been impressed by the everyday of the work produced by his neighbours.

„Sixty individuals of the neighborhood from four years passe to, I safe, almost 90 years passe absorb done the illustrations for it and they’ve made an wonderful job,“ he acknowledged.

„There are several educated humorous artists who absorb contributed to it as smartly because they are chums of mine.“

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The Folks of Moniaive

Mr Grant is a acquainted humorous e-book author with a occupation spanning more than 40 years.

All the perfect way by that time he has worked for 2000AD, DC Comics, Shock, Lego and unprejudiced publishers.

The village humorous he has helped invent is considered as a spot to begin in efforts to elevate funds and awareness for Revitalise Moniaive.

Mr Grant’s valuable other, Sue, acknowledged the coronavirus outbreak turn into now now not the important time the village had confronted adversity.

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The Folks of Moniaive

„When foot and mouth devastated the neighborhood in 2001, we pulled together and reinvented ourselves as a tourist scurry pickle,“ she acknowledged.

„After the commercial downturn, we reinvented ourselves as Moniaive Pageant Village.

„So, when Covid-19 hit, laying destroy to all our involving work, we determined we would deserve to appropriate raise out it again and absorb started Revitalise Moniaive.

„The humorous is the important step on the avenue to economic recovery.“

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