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Mr Breslin’s life became reworked after he became the victim of a random knife assault in 2001.

Scott Breslin has turn out to be apprehensive about leaving his bedroom since Covid-19 compelled the country into lockdown.

The coed is paralysed from the neck down and feels admire a prisoner in his Glasgow dwelling.

For the final seven weeks Mr Breslin, 35, has been protected in opposition to his family and has solely had inner most contact along with his 24-hour care crew.

He acknowledged: „I am genuine looking out for to shut the sphere out to give protection to myself. I am in my have wee bubble.“

Mr Breslin told BBC Scotland the pandemic has prompted him heightened anxiety.

He acknowledged: „As soon as I launch talking about coronavirus I receive knots in my belly. It affects your drinking and your sleeping as well.

„There is a peril of leaving my room, genuine in case.“

‚Security zone‘

Sooner than the constraints had been offered Mr Breslin visited his father Ticket, who lives 100 yards away, on on daily basis basis and they watched Countdown collectively.

He became additionally training to be a counsellor and had an active social life.

Now he solely will get up for a couple of hours on alternate days and returns to his „safety zone“ about 15: 00.

Nonetheless no matter his recent routine, which he compares to the movie Groundhog Day, he’s wary of the constraints being eased too soon.

Mr Breslin acknowledged: „I’d pretty they remained in space than more individuals death.

„The 2d wave of Spanish flu worn out more than the first. That you would be able to per chance per chance very well be presupposed to study from your mistakes, now not repeat them.

„I’d pretty be right and alive than originate air and ineffective.“

Picture copyright
Scott Breslin

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Mr Breslin, who must be strapped into his wheelchair, next to a poster for the submit-apocalyptic fear movie, 28 Weeks Later

Mr Breslin became solely 16 when he became stabbed on his plan dwelling from a party in the metropolis’s Cardonald space in the summertime of 2001.

The unprovoked assault severed his spinal cord and left him unable to pass his fingers or legs.

He later worked with the Scottish Violence Discount Unit to spotlight the devastating affect of knife crime.

Sooner than lockdown three carers worked day after day shifts in his flat in Penilee, the assign he has lived for the final 14 years.

Nonetheless to minimise the risk of infection one now stays overnight and wears rotund inner most preserving equipment (PPE) to cowl a 24-hour length.

He acknowledged: „They are there genuine to be my palms, legs and every part I possess to continue to exist.

„My care crew has been gigantic and they’ve been those that possess kept me going via all this. The solely thing that has approach out constructive is how great they’ve supported me.

„It would possibly most likely per chance per chance be a sequence of this or going into a care dwelling and I make now not esteem being in certainly one of them the now.“

‚Feels admire jail‘

Despite initial shortages of hand sanitiser Mr Breslin acknowledged his care crew had now not experienced any issues acquiring PPE.

The Scottish Self reliant Residing Fund has additionally supplied extra funding so they’ll receive taxis in space of the utilization of public transport.

For purchasing, he relies on his sister and food packages.

Mr Breslin bought a shielding letter from the Scottish govt, which told him to discontinuance indoors for 12 weeks.

He acknowledged: „That’s when my open date is. It feels admire I am in a jail.

„It’s genuine surreal. It’s roughly admire we dwell in a movie. That you would be able to per chance per chance very well be staring at stuff on the TV however nothing is occurring originate air.“

Mr Breslin’s father is additionally shielding, as he suffers from power obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).


And he acknowledged now not seeing his loved ones and missing conditions, similar to his niece’s birthday, became the hardest thing to approach inspire to phrases with.

Mr Breslin stays linked on WhatsApp and Fb, enjoys listening to Radio X and is grateful for online streaming companies.

He acknowledged: „Money Heist would possibly per chance per chance very well be the solely thing I if truth be told possess watched unprejudiced unprejudiced currently. That’s if truth be told correct.

„If this came about 20 years ago we wouldn’t possess these phones, the receive and Netflix. We would possibly per chance per chance be stuck staring at our five channels.“

One more constructive is that he’s drinking more fruit and vegetables and no takeaway food.

Mr Breslin added: „That’s the solely thing I will if truth be told invent, to be appropriate. I cannot dawdle out a jog or one thing else admire that.

„I am rather puny attributable to my lack of circulation.“

Sanatorium focus on over with

The coed has solely left the dwelling once since 23 March, to attend an a truly powerful appointment at the Southern Overall’s spinal unit.

Mr Breslin assign on a mask and visor before before beingdriven to the clinic and admits he became so anxious all the plan in which via the total experience that he went straight to his room when he got dwelling.

Having a notice ahead, he’s shy about the lockdown being eased too soon and fears the overall public at the 2d should now not taking it as seriously as they would possibly per chance silent.

He acknowledged: „I look individuals stopping in the avenue talking to every other and I are looking out for to utter ’social distancing‘ out the window.“

Mr Breslin plans to resume his reports in Glasgow when it’s right to invent so.

Nonetheless, unlike many at the 2d, he’s optimistic about his future job possibilities as a remedy and alcohol counsellor.

He joked: „There’ll be a great deal of work after this.“

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