Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has made an appearance upright a rapid distance from the U.S. naval corrupt at Guantanamo Bay



November 14, 2019, 6: 59 PM

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A rapid distance from the U.S. naval corrupt at Guantanamo Bay, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel acknowledged Thursday that the Trump administration’s hardening of the American embargo is failing to force concessions from his authorities.

„The Yankees retain squeezing but we retain resisting and winning,” he acknowledged. “We are in a position to fight relief. They’d perhaps by no design defeat us, and with all individuals’s help we are going to retain advancing our solutions and the nation will retain advancing.”

Díaz-Canel, 59, change into making his first outing as president to the town of Caimanera, the closest point in Cuba to the U.S. naval corrupt. The 45-sq.-mile corrupt in the nation’s a ways east has been under American retain watch over for 116 years despite the 1959 rise to energy of a communist authorities dedicated to thwarting U.S. impression in Latin The USA.

President Donald Trump has been gradually tightening the six-decade alternate embargo on Cuba in most up-to-date months, banning U.S. cruise ships and sanctioning ships bringing oil from Venezuela, among other measures. Trump administration officers yell the aim is to decrease earnings to the Cuban authorities and slice back its skill to help Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, whom the U.S. desires to overthrow.

The Cuban authorities’s chronic cash shortages appear to hang turn out to be graver, and fuel stations hang been on a odd foundation operating out of fuel, but there isn’t a signal that Cuba has lowered ties with Venezuela or made some other concessions sought by the U.S.

Díaz-Canel began his focus on over with to the town of about 10,000 individuals with a focus on over with to a newly renovated 3D movie hall, a convey-toddle restaurant and a assortment of alternative authorities initiatives in Caimanera earlier than heading to the provincial capital, Guantanamo.

Since assuming energy in April 2018, Díaz-Canel has made diverse dozen identical trips around Cuba to test on public products and services and infrastructure, accompanied by Cuba’s convey-toddle media. Some global media were invited to quilt Thursday’s outing in a typical widening of entry to Díaz-Canel who has had virtually no interactions with the international press since becoming president.

A rapid distance scamper from the gates of the corrupt, which officers acknowledged he did no longer understanding to search, Díaz-Canel told the crew that the U.S. looked frustrated that a assortment of measures aimed at cutting tourism and petroleum to Cuba had no longer compelled concessions from his authorities.

“They retain insisting on their failed coverage of blockade and hang hardened the blockade, hardened the financial persecution. Contemporary measures appear a week,” he acknowledged.

“They’ve gotten furious with Cuba after having a failed coverage of blockading us for thus many y

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