Rough time for our greatest Destiny 2 expert to be on jury responsibility, other folks, but here we are with some unskippable info. Bungie correct posted a trailer to hype the Season of Morning time, which is able to speed in Destiny 2 from December 10 thru March 9. Whoa, that’s Saint-14! [Googles “Saint-14”…]

Right here’s the setup, spinning out of the Season of Undying that’s been working since the October start of Destiny 2’s interesting Shadowkeep growth: “With the Vex Invasion now defeated, Osiris calls upon you to face a new threat. Cease a council of Cabal Psion Flayers from manipulating time and undoing our victory in opposition to the Red Legion.”

Sounds love our major seasonal mission giver shall be Osiris, the legendary Warlock who Destiny 2 gamers excellent encountered in Destiny 2’s underwhelming first growth, Curse Of Osiris. He’s attend, narrating the Season of Morning time trailer, which reveals a quantity of what’s to shall be found within the game over the next four months.

The standout is dazzling here within the video thumbnail: the look of Saint-14, a missing legendary Titan whose story has been instructed peripherally thru item and quest lore across the two Destiny games and whose helmet became a in style exotic item.

So what attain you attain in Season of Morning time?

Bungie guarantees the following exercise that may per chance be accessible to all gamers: “Support Osiris repair the timeline by restoring Obelisks on four destinations.”

And so they promise loads extra to someone who buys the brand new season’s $10 premium pass, in conjunction with a “new 6-participant exercise: The Sundial,” new exotic quests, and new bounties and lore books.

There’ll additionally be a season-long item liberate system, akin to Fortnite’s Struggle Pass, that became introduced into Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep. 

It’s unclear if critical or any of the season will consist of giant additions to the game’s plan. Season of Morning time became never going to be as hefty because the Season of Undying, which came at the side of the Shadowkeep growth that added the moon as a new explorable space to the game. It’s sharp to show now if the timeline/Obelisk story or the Sundial exercise shall be a colossal scheme and can protect gamers entertained, but we’ll know loads extra about them once Bungie hosts a livestream tell the next day to come to come. The season goes are living a week from tod

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