You’re going to be absorbing about classic Disney relationships similar to Ariel and Eric or Kristoff and Anna, however the most efficient fairytales are solid members who chanced on their happily ever after while working at the Disneyland Resort. Listed below are just a few of their tales!

Arthur and Eric

“It’s a tiny world after all,” certainly, for Arthur and Eric, who met while working as hosts at the fan-approved attraction in 2001. They tied the knot in 2013. On the unique time, Arthur works as a Disneyland Engineering Providers and products secretary and Eric as an Entertainment program integration manager.

“The length of time ‘happily ever after’ sounds a bit cheesy, but … I’m so lucky to accept skilled lifestyles and rising up with him,” says Arthur.

“Of us veritably place a ask to if we ever bag drained of working at the the same enviornment as our accomplice, but I’m able to pronounce it’s reasonably the reverse. Our time collectively is so precious and both of us calling the Happiest Mumble on Earth work makes it the total extra fun,” added Eric.

Carly and Erik

Carly and Erik began off as strangers when they were casted as performers in Mickey’s Halloween Cavalcade in 2013, but this spooky parade lead to something considerable extra sweet. The happy couple is now engaged and having fun with date nights seeing their approved shows at the resort. Carly and Erik are serene working in entertainment and Carly loves seeing her fiancé most continuously when she’s working.

“It’s a dream come staunch to be residing out my childhood needs of being a parade performer for Disneyland,” Carly says. “I by no technique knew I’d meet the particular person I’d exhaust the remaining of my lifestyles with while doing what I loved!”

Janice and Tim

No longer most efficient did Iron Man attach the sector on quite lots of cases, he moreover ignited a spark between two Entertainment Solid Contributors, Janice and Tim. He noticed a paper within the reduction of-out of the Neat Hero she placed on her desk at this time after she began with Reside Entertainment in 2013 and started a conversation. Their self-proclaimed “nerdy like” changed into reliable when the two married in 2015. On the unique time, Tim is a senior graphic clothier and Janice is a secretary for Entertainment Operations.

“Since he’s an artist, we began talking about Wonder, which led into Giant name Wars. We were mates for about six months and would inch to conventions and be taught about every movie coming out,” Janice remembers. “Now we accept so many of us that work within the Entertainment department deplorable from one constructing to the different pronounce, ‘I staunch saw your other half of.’ The fun part is all people knows both of us.”

Samantha and Adam

When Samantha changed into once hired in as a solid member at Jungle Cruise in 2013, she anticipated to behold wildlife on her trips down the river, but finding like changed into once a bonus. In 2017, the relationship took a wild scramble as they began the Disney Leadership Essentials program while planning their marriage ceremony. They graduated from the leadership pattern program the the same year and were married by a fellow weak skipper, surrounded by solid member mates. On the unique time, they are both Sights stage managers in Disney California Hurry park.

“The Disneyland Resort saved me in so many ways,” shared Adam. “It gave me a occupation that I in fact admire, mates that can closing a lifetime and it gave me Sam. I’m eternally grateful. That’s portion of what makes me so dedicated to this job.”

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