Disney and Lucasfilm bear launched the closing trailer for Enormous identify Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker, which promises to order the lengthy-working episodic saga to a shut in spectacular fashion.

The trailer sides about a of the most effective hits from the Enormous identify Wars universe, in conjunction with a huge dwelling fight spirited a lickety-split of Enormous identify Destroyers and a climactic lightsaber fight between Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) atop the ruins of the second Demise Enormous identify.

The trailer moreover comprises extra from Emperor Palpatine, the deceased(?) Sith Lord who became once teased with merely a snippet of laughter on the stop of the earlier trailer.

He doesn’t seem in the trailer, but he does keep up a correspondence.

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Disney and Lucasfilm launched the unique trailer Monday night, rapidly after tickets went on sale.

The trailer begins with shots of Rey working throughout the jungle, then through a ruined spacecraft while Finn (John Boyega) speaks about the Pressure in a voiceover.

“It’s an intuition, a feeling,” Finn says. “The Pressure introduced us collectively.”

Poe Damaron (Oscar Isaac) then talks about rallying crimson meat up from the “vibrant participants” of the galaxy.

“Folk bear telling me they know me. Nobody does,” Rey says. She is shown standing on a ruined piece of the Demise Enormous identify in the middle of a uneven sea, her lightsaber in hand.

“But I enact,” Kylo Ren says in a voiceover, as he emerges from the rain to face her.

Daisy Ridley is Rey and Adam Driver is Kylo Ren in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.’

Daisy Ridley is Rey and Adam Driver is Kylo Ren in ‘Enormous identify Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker.’


The trailer then cuts to a transient moment of sentiment with C-3PO, who takes “one final spy” at his “guests” — the major solid of the movie.

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The second half of the trailer is a sizzle reel that comprises assorted action scenes, in conjunction with extra lightsaber combating, an image of an ominous throne and a spectacular shot of a Enormous identify Destroyer apparently bursting through a sheet of ice.

The trailer moreover reveals Rey and Kylo Ren destroying a sunless altar collectively, while Emperor Palpatine talks about them in a bad voiceover.

“Lengthy bear I waited, and now your coming collectively … is your undoing,” Palpatine says.

Daisy Ridley is Rey in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.’

Daisy Ridley is Rey in ‘Enormous identify Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker.’


The trailer ends with voiceovers from Luke Skywalker (Sign Hamill) and Princess Leia (the slack Carrie Fisher).

“The Pressure will be with you, continually,” they are saying.

Director J.J. Abrams will shepherd the closing installment in the franchise he relaunched in 2015, after Disney bought Lucasfilm. Abrams directed The Pressure Awakens earlier than handing the reins to Rian Johnson, who dealt with The Last Jedi in 2017.

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Upward push of Skywalker promises in the trailer that “the saga will stop.”

On the replacement hand, Hamill himself poured cold water on that concept in a tweet earlier on Monday.

“‘Final’ Enormous identify Wars trailer?” he wrote. “I bear 4+ billion reasons to reflect there will be extra to come support.”

The trailer introduced about an outpouring of enjoyment from followers on Twitter, in conjunction with The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson.

“Oh my god I [love] Enormous identify Wars,” he tweeted.

It moreover introduced about followers to take a position about whether or no longer Rey and Kylo Ren may well maybe change into allies — or one thing extra — by the stop.

“It’s time to let venerable things die.”#TheRiseOfSkywalker #Reylo pic.twitter.com/tuB4QNPIOR

— Chums of the Pressure Podcast (@FriendsOfForce) October 22, 2019

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“Folk bear telling me they know me, no one does”

“But I enact”

So this substitute is a voiceover in the trailer, but its apparent this substitute happens when it’s vibrant Rey and Kylo in a room collectively, in shut proximity to 1 every other, maybe an intimate/emotional moment? #Reylo 🤞 pic.twitter.com/C3K5EFsPTL

— Riri (@Riri19911) October 22, 2019

Lucasfilm has moreover launched the fleshy movie poster on-line.

Compare out the unique poster for @StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker. In theaters December 20. Earn your tickets now: https://t.co/MLbzRXrCJb pic.twitter.com/4jwGJOaFZi

— Enormous identify Wars (@starwars) October 22, 2019

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Enormous identify Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker is directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Abrams and Michelle Rejwan. Callum Greene, Tommy Gormley and Jason McGatlin inspire as executive producers. The movie became once written by J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio.

This would be launched in theatres on December 19.

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