Being a book about Hollywood, `Been There, Married That‘ by Gigi Levangie seems to be extra like a movie than a singular



February 11, 2020, 4: 23 PM

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“Been There, Married That,” St. Martin’s Press, by Gigi Levangie

Being a book about Hollywood, per chance it’s now no longer a coincidence that “Been There, Married That” by Gigi Levangie seems to be extra like a movie than a singular.

Smartly off part is paid to the meals, the garments and the decor that surrounds Agnes Murphy Nash, the finest wife to successful movie prosperous particular person (and cringe-inducing narcissist) Trevor. Readers are completely immersed in a jet-build of abode standard of living that by Web page 2 seems to be too actual to be correct.

It’s also glaring stunning early on that there’ll be a trade-off for that enviable lifestyles. There’s obviously extra to her than her flavorless friends; Agnes no doubt has her personal profession as an creator and the story starts at her personal book celebration. She will be able to abet a trade conversation and has a desire to be a characteristic mannequin for her daughter Pep.

The seek recordsdata from is: Does Agnes hold her priorities factual?

There were moments I doubted it. For a supposedly magnificent lady, it took her an extremely lengthy amount of time to build together that Trevor had locked her out of the dwelling and used to be sleeping with the lend a hand. But, giving her the lend a hand of the doubt, usually you don’t look what’s in straightforward request ought to you are willing so irritating for it now to no longer be correct.

Within the major half of the book, Agnes’ backbone is flimsy and her relationships are out of whack. She signed off on being despatched to rehab for eating issues after an “intervention” because she used to be hooked on snacking on almonds. That low point got right here when Trevor dangled a private jet and spa-like accommodations. What?!

Strive telling your prone teenage daughter that.

But clawing her manner out of the pretend Shangri-la in Tuscon turns into a formative trip for Agnes, and when she returns to her mansion, she starts to build her have confidence within the factual locations, particularly her mooch convicted-felon sister, Fin. Collectively, they turn out to be an spell binding Thelma-and-Louise duo. I predict readers will cheer them on until the delighted ending befitting a chick flick that utterly this book will be sooner or later.

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