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There are 250 extras on map when I creep into Riverdale. There’s glitter in each space, and rankings of actors in matching traipse. Though I employ most of my day in the Andrews’ modest family dwelling, out of doors, there’s a musical happening.

This is Riverdale’s third musical episode, nonetheless it’s not like of us who obtain come sooner than it in that there’s no musical, not much less than, in the used sense. This 365 days, Kevin is heading a unfold portray, and all are encouraged to recall the stage with an act of their deciding on. But when Main Honey bans Kevin from performing his deliberate number from Hedwig and the Mad Disappear, the total college students come together to exclusively develop songs from the enduring musical. The vogue it performs out in the episode is much less of a unfold portray, and extra Glee-love, with the songs woven into the storyline.

But this hour serene feels love a correct occasion. “Customary episodes, every personality has their very bear storyline: Betty’s doing her detective stuff, and Jughead is off at Stonewall, and Archie’s boxing, and Veronica is doing her many companies and dealing alongside with her family stuff,” Camila Mendes says. “But this episode repeatedly allows to your total solid to occasion and you win to peep of us fair appropriate having enjoyable on map repeatedly.”

“I in actuality think in my heart of hearts the cause Season 1 used to be so most smartly-liked used to be because we all worked together the total time. So I specialise in that’s why we esteem these moments so principal is because we all win to be together,” Madelaine Petsch tells me later in the afternoon, Vanessa Morgan by her aspect. “For this reason I in actuality esteem them, and I esteem observing them, so I imagine that’s why the fans esteem them. Since you win to peep Cheryl and Betty work together, and Toni and Kevin work together, and folk are such foremost moments.”

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Charles Melton arrives in the Andrews’ living room sporting fleshy Hedwig attire, straight from capturing a scene at Riverdale High by which the hallway is stuffed with college students in the matching traipse stare. “My toes are very sore strolling round in, what’s this, eight sail heels?” he says. Mute, he loves his heels, as smartly because the jeweled exiguous print on his sleeves.

Correct thing too, since it took him an hour and a half to win ready this morning, which is so much longer than the normal 15 minutes it takes to tweak his hair and most attention-grabbing his pout. He passed the time in the trailer finishing Netflix’s Cheer on his cell phone whereas Petsch and Vanessa Morgan were sat next to him, making use of their very bear make-up. It used to be alternate-as-normal for the ladies, who had figured out their coloring exact thru a make-up take a look at every week in the past. “The make-up take a look at used to be moderately horrific for me because I made my eyebrows dark on the origin. It fair appropriate did not work on my face,” Petsch says. “So then, this day, I went moderately bit extra tame.”

Casey Cott used to be also in the room, sitting “very, very, very serene” as a crew pampered him within attain for a whopping two-and-a-half hours. No longer just like the others, this wasn’t his first day in traipse. “I’ve been doing all of it week,” he tells me exact thru a snappy fracture he has later in the day. He’s grown acquainted with his “gnarly” glitter lipstick, nonetheless this day, it’s his wig that he loves basically the most. “This wig is expansive imperfect ass because this is the accurate wig that John Cameron Mitchell wore in the movie Hedwig. This is his wig,” he says. “So, Victoria, head of our hair department knows somebody connected and received us this wig. So, whereas it’s basically the most sad, or not it’s my current thing.”

No longer all people gets to gown in traipse. It causes some envy on map — “I ticket not know why I wasn’t incorporated in that to be fair appropriate,” Mendes says. “I’d obtain most smartly-liked to build on those wigs and enact that make-up.” — nonetheless no person seems to be too anguish. (She serene has some upcoming enjoyable donning a glam-rock witness a sleepover number in Betty’s room alongside Lili Reinhart, Petsch, Morgan, and Cott.)

Even serene, all people goes all-out. It’s easy, given the rock-and-roll in actuality feel of Hedwig, and on day seven of filming out of eight total, plus weekends spent rehearsing, now to not mention those recording classes prior, Reinhart is feeling it. “I’m tired this day,” she says, sitting next to me on the Andrews’ benefit patio. “Musical episodes are repeatedly a large endeavor.” She’s on the verge of losing her tell from the total singing she’s been doing over her tell tracks; it’s something the solid does to carry out the performances stare exact, she explains. But she’ll scramble in an on a traditional foundation nap exact thru her lunch fracture to be taught her vitality up — after that will rupture as rapidly as she gets dwelling at night.

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One at a time, Mendes says that she foremost to win a rub down after aggressively thrashing round exact thru a mosh-love scene that used to be filmed a pair of days prior. She and Reinhart were looking out to carry out every various chortle exact thru rehearsals. (The director in a smartly mannered manner told her she might well presumably tone it down for the exact recall.) “I specialise in all people’s looking out to carry out every various chortle repeatedly,” she says. “I ticket not specialise in or not it’s about being frigid. It’s about who might well presumably be the funniest.” (That might well presumably be, hands down, KJ Apa. “Presumably or not it’s the accent, nonetheless also or not it’s fair appropriate KJ being KJ. He fair appropriate makes all the pieces funny,” Mendes says.)

It’s not all enjoyable and games, though. Generally, there’s exact work to win accomplished on a exact timeline. In this episode, there’s a huge fight scene between Betty and Jughead, and similtaneously Veronica and Archie. But since it’s a musical episode, in space of screaming at every various, they’re shout-singing. On top of that, it’s a punk-influenced number, something manner out of doors of every Mendes and Veronica’s comfort zones. And in case that wasn’t ample, they most efficient had one hour to win it exact. “Singing it used to be very prone,” Mendes says. “But something regarding the flee of all of it fair appropriate gave us that kick of vitality that we were fair appropriate love, ‘All exact, let’s fair appropriate fully decide to it, give it all the pieces now we obtain received,’ and ended up being no doubt one of my current numbers to this point since it used to be fair appropriate so raw and fleshy of rage and I ticket not specialise in we win to peep that so much in Riverdale.”

That’s exact: Jughead belts it out in this episode, in extra than one number. It’s not Cole Sprouse’s current teach, nonetheless, he contends, “it seems to be to carry out sense for the personality,” namely on condition that the songs are now intended to force the narrative. „I ticket not specialise in Jughead’s necessarily the roughly child that gets up on stage in entrance of the total town and dances love a Jellicle cat,” Sprouse says. “So if he’s singing, going about his normal narrative, then that seems to be to carry out extra sense.”

Plus, he feels connected to this particular song. Hedwig used to be the foremost musical he watched as a child. “I conception for obvious it used to be going to be Cats [for this year’s musical],” he says. “But I’m extremely happy that or not it’s Hedwig. I in actuality obtain a in actuality fond connection to that song since I was a child. I in actuality, in actuality esteem that musical.“ Besides, Sprouse provides, he’s not terribly sad in the recording booth — when he’s in there singing as Jughead, not much less than.

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Meanwhile, Morgan and Petsch, loaded up on caffeine, are serene high off filming their duet, which sees them leaping on the counters at Pop’s. “It used to be all ladies fair appropriate…” Morgan begins, “Killing it. Crushing it. Intimidating our main,” Petsch finishes. Ganging up on Main Honey has been a consistent theme for Petsch’s Cheryl this season, nonetheless actor Kerr Smith is feeble to it. “I bid I’m the Scrooge in this episode,” he says. “Every scene they’re dancing round, and or not it’s fair appropriate me in the nook with my arms crossed.”

The lustrous aspect, Smith provides, is that he gets a entrance-row seat to the total honest performances — namely when Cott takes the stage. It is, in spite of all the pieces, Kevin’s annual masterpiece. “He’s accomplished a delicate job at all these dance numbers he has to enact. It’s in actuality been frigid to gaze,” Smith says. He’s not by myself in that evaluation. Every single solid member sooner or later of the day has been singing Cott’s praises. “I’ve fair appropriate been in alarm at what he’s doing,” Melton says. “He seems to be to be in actuality, in actuality buff exact now,” Sprouse marvels. “That’s my current 2nd of this episode is observing Casey fair appropriate live it,” Petsch says, whereas Morgan hones in on his “Creep Me Down” tune-and-dance. “That’s the highlight,” she says.

“Creep Me Down” used to be no doubt one of the extra stressful scenes for Cott, he says. “It’s fair appropriate something that I’ve never accomplished sooner than, something love this, on TV,” he says. Within the scene, your total town exhibits up to gaze Kevin enact his thing, and he does it. “I haven’t felt that principal vitality or pleasure from a room of of us since I’ve more than likely accomplished a play or something. And I specialise in Okay.J. and Cole and Lili and Cami and Charles and Mads, all in actuality rallied the community to enact that.” It used to be a in actuality special 2nd for Cott. “It virtually felt love Season 1 again,” he says, honing in on the sentiment Petsch talked about earlier.

After speaking with the solid contributors, I poke round the map, strolling thru the huge halls of Riverdale High, making an are trying out Archie’s room (which will not be connected to the leisure of the Andrews’ dwelling), and popping in to Le Bonne Nuit, the total whereas strolling by class president campaign posters and flyers with the bolded phrases ‘Lacking: Jason Blossom.’ This is all to slay time sooner than the night’s big performance: The Archies are getting ready to storm Pop’s.

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Though basically the most popular temperature is a chilly 39 levels and mist falls from the sky, in the crash, Sprouse, Reinhart, Apa, Mendes, and Cott come onto the roof of the enduring diner. Safely harnessed in space, Mendes yells down for somebody to delight recall a photograph of her. Apa calls out saying his guitar isn’t plugged in. “How am I even playing?!” And Sprouse jokes that his personality is simply too socially awkward to define his presence. Then, the song song performs and as well they snap into personality as Jughead, Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Kevin, forming the band Archie Comics fans obtain been looking ahead to.

I’m happening the benefit of the scenes, whereas you happen to will, in between some takes. “I’m feeling honest amped,” Apa says. His toes are chilly from the rain, nonetheless he calls this “more than likely the fair appropriate 2nd” of the episode to this point. “The song used to be playing. There is two cameras working exact now on a crane and we fair appropriate, yeah, we went for it. It’s enormous.” It used to be his first time ever on the roof of Pop’s.

Sprouse comes up and affectionately strokes Apa’s eyebrows. He doesn’t draw back. “Cole likes to the contact me on my face each time he walks previous,” he says. “Now we obtain got a in actuality intimate relationship.” Apa begins telling me how principal he used to be loving seeing Sprouse on the roof next to him — “I esteem observing him since in the musical episodes because I will compare the un-self belief in his face” — nonetheless he’s snappy pulled away. The band is foremost benefit on map for one extra encore.

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