In his 400-page memoir, Woody Allen writes about every part from his childhood to the allegations that he abused his daughter, Dylan Farrow, which he denies

March 24, 2020, 4: 30 AM

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Excerpts from Woody Allen’s new memoir, “Apropos of Nothing,” which change into launched Monday after a prolong ensuing from the novel publisher backed out of releasing the book.


THE BOOK’S DEDICATION: “For Soon-Yi, the best. I had her ingesting out of my hand after which I observed my arm change into missing.”

ON HIS PARENTS: “Two characters as mismatched as Hannah Arendt and Nathan Detroit, they disagreed on each anxiousness besides Hitler and my describe cards. And yet with the entire verbal carnage, they stayed married for seventy years — out of spite, I suspect. Peaceful, I’m particular they loved each and each diversified in their very comprise way, a approach known presumably handiest to just a few headhunting tribes in Borneo.”

ON BEING CONSIDERED AN INTELLECTUAL: Of us, you are studying the autobiography of a misanthropic gangster-loving illiterate; an uncultivated loner who sat in entrance of a three-way reflect working in the direction of with a deck of cards so he would possibly possibly possibly palm off an ace of spades, render it invisible from any angle, and hustle some pots. Sure, I in the end got blown away by Cezanne’s heavy apples and Pissarro’s rainy Parisian boulevards, but as I said, handiest ensuing from I would decrease faculty and wished motivate on these snowy cool climate mornings.“

ON THE ORIGINS OF HIS DESPAIR: “There change into no trauma in my lifestyles, no terrible component that took place and grew to change into me from a smiling, freckle-confronted lad with a fishing pole and pantaloons into a chronically dissatisfied lout. My comprise hypothesis facilities all around the proven reality that at 5 or so, I became attentive to mortality and figured, uh-oh, that is no longer what I signed on for. I had never agreed to be finite. Whenever you happen to don’t thoughts, I’d esteem my a compensation.“

ON FIRST DATING MIA FARROW: “She grew to change into out to be gleaming, truthful, she would possibly possibly possibly act, would possibly possibly possibly blueprint, had an ear for music, and he or she had seven kids. Tilt. I chanced on it amusing in a sitcom form of way that I change into slipping into a relationship with a lady with seven kids, but at that time it change into nothing bigger than one more reality about her.”

ON DYLAN FARROW, WHO LATER BECAME ALLEN’S ADOPTED DAUGHTER: “I snappily chanced on this diminutive toddler lady lovable and chanced on myself an increasing number of retaining her, having fun with alongside with her, and fully falling in treasure alongside with her, ecstatic to be her father. After a yr or two I fussed over her and Mia said, ‚Boy, you were basically ready for fatherhood.’”

ON REPORTS THAT HE HAD BEEN DISCOVERED WITH HIS HEAD ON DYLAN FARROW’S LAP: “Whereas Mia had gone wanting, after explaining to every person that I needed to be watched carefully, the entire kids and the babysitters were in the den watching TV, a room paunchy of folks. There were no seats for me, so I sat on the bottom and will comprise leaned my head motivate on the sofa on Dylan’s lap for a 2nd. I indubitably didn’t attain something else inappropriate to her.”

ON HIS FEELINGS ABOUT DYLAN NOW: “One among the saddest things of my lifestyles change into that I change into deprived of the years of elevating Dylan and must handiest dream about exhibiting her The big apple and the fun of Paris and Rome. To on the 2nd, Soon-Yi and I would welcome Dylan with initiate fingers if she’d ever wish to realize out to us as Moses (Farrow) did, but so a ways that’s quiet handiest a dream.”

ON THE EROTIC PICTURES OF PREVIN THAT MIA FARROW DISCOVERED, LEADING TO THEIR PUBLIC BREAKUP: “On the very early phases of our new relationship, when lust reigns supreme and we couldn’t take care of our fingers off each and each diversified, the premise arose that we attain some erotic photography if I would possibly possibly possibly figure out guidelines on how to work the goddamned camera. Turn into out she would possibly possibly possibly work it, and erotic photography they were, photography effectively calculated to take one’s blood as much as 2 twelve Fahrenheit. As a minimum, you presumably read the remaining in the tabloids.”

ON HARVEY WEINSTEIN: “Despite what change into printed in the newspapers, Harvey never produced any movies of mine. By no way backed me. He handiest distributed just a few already accomplished films and distributed them effectively. As well to Harvey’s skill at distributing, he had an reside up for offbeat, artsy movies and presented a lot of them. Peaceful, I would never comprise allowed Harvey to motivate or execute a film of mine ensuing from he change into a fingers-on producer who modified and recut a director’s film. We never will comprise labored collectively.”

ON WRITING ROLES FOR WOMEN: “I’ve written many parts for females including some moderately juicy ones. Finally, for a man who’s taken his fragment of heat from #MeToo zealots, my describe with the different intercourse is no longer depraved in any respect.”

ON ACTORS WHO REFUSE TO WORK WITH HIM: “Some even donated their tests to a spot off in web page of settle for the depraved salary. Right here is no longer as dauntless a gesture because it appears to be like, as we are going to handiest afford to pay the union minimum, and my guess is that if we paid extra frequent film money, which typically runs rather excessive, the actors will comprise righteously declared they’d never work with me but would presumably leave out the segment about donating their salary.

“Off the describe, I had envisioned a bit extra peek enhance, nothing overwhelming, presumably just a few organized protests, presumably some irate colleagues marching fingers linked, a bit rioting, presumably just a few burned vehicles. Finally, I had been a member in precise standing of the creative neighborhood and change into particular my jam would enrage my union brethren and fellow artists.”

ON HIS RESPONSE TO PUBLIC CRITICISM: “And how comprise I taken all of this? And why is it when attacked I infrequently spoke out or seemed overly upset? Well, given the malignant chaos of a purposeless universe, what’s one diminutive false allegation in the design of things? Second, being a misanthropist has its saving grace — folks can never disappoint you.”

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