• The first trailer for Sony Photos‘ „Spider-Man“ hurry-off „Morbius“ appears to be to tease Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man.
  • Graffiti artwork in one scene presentations the Spider-Man“ suit from Maguire’s movies.
  • Some fans judge Sony might perchance perchance be introducing a are residing-action Spider-Verse to its movies.
  • It would be more complex than that since Vulture from „Spider-Man: Homecoming“ appears to be within the trailer.
  • It also, disappointingly, might perchance perchance true be a nod to a on-line recreation.
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Sony Photos released the principal trailer for its „Spider-Man“ hurry-off „Morbius“ on Monday and there is one image in particular that has fans speaking.

Two minutes and 10 seconds into the teaser trailer you might perchance perchance secure a draw to position an image of Spider-Man graffiti on a wall within the aid of Jared Leto’s character, Dr. Michael Morbius. It is emblazoned with the phrase „murderer,“ which appears to be to be a immediate reference to the dwell of 2019’s „Spider-Man: Far From House“ the attach Tom Holland’s Spidey is framed for the loss of life of Mysterio.

morbius muderer spiderman

Did you behold this wall artwork the principal time you watched the trailer?

Sony Photos

However, see again. That Spidey costume within the graffiti doesn’t belong to Holland’s Spider-Man. It is far the suit Tobey Maguire wore in Sony’s earlier „Spider-Man“ movies from director Sam Raimi. 

spiderman tobey maguire

Yeah, every person is aware of, Tobey, it be queer!

Columbia Photos

Making matters noteworthy more confusing is that Vulture (Michael Keaton), who exists in Holland’s „Spider-Man“ franchise, appears to be at the trailer’s dwell. He’s wearing a the same outfit to the one we seen him wear whereas in prison at the dwell of „Spider-Man: Homecoming.“

What’s going on?

Changed into as soon as the graffiti artwork true a fun Easter egg or are there more than one variations of Spider-Man in Sony’s movies? Some fans judge Sony is introducing us to a are residing-action version of the Spider-Verse that was first shown within the 2018 Oscar-winning tantalizing movie „Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.“

—The Canadian Film Buff (@thejamesewart) January 13, 2020

—Droll E book Nostalgia (@CBNostalgia) January 13, 2020

—Esteban Núñez (@JuanesNV) January 13, 2020

Can beget to you might perchance perchance also very neatly be at a loss for words, we are going to rupture down why the artwork might perchance perchance signal an exhilarating are residing-action „Spider-Verse“ or why it goes to true be a fun nod. 

Trouble 1: The trailer teases a parallel universe with one other Spider-Man

Right here’s basically the most fun and thrilling scenario. Why would no longer the artwork showcase one in every of Tom Holland’s Spidey fits if it was referencing his character? Per chance Sony is introducing us to parallel variations of the Spider-Verse and here’s the one the attach Tobey Maguire’s Spidey exists. 


Why is this suit viewed within the „Morbius“ trailer?

Sony Photos

Whereas doing press for „Spider-Man: Far From House“ final 365 days, Holland said he’d be pleased to create a multiverse crossover with Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man characters. This might increasingly perchance perchance be a astronomical switch for Sony, and likely a easy one. „Avengers: Endgame“ was the highest-grossing movie of all time in segment on tale of its enormous crossover after a decade of over 10 movies. 

Sony has been rolling out „Spider-Man“ movies since 2002 with a kind of actors within the suit and collaborating in an incredible different of villains. What might perchance perchance be more thrilling than seeing the overall characters draw together to play?

„Far From House“ already steered a better Spider-Verse might perchance perchance exist. J.K. Simmons reprised his characteristic as a certain version of J. Jonah Jameson within the 2019 movie. The surprise was so secret that among the stars, be pleased Jacob Batalon, did now not even know about Simmons‘ characteristic till watching the movie.

jk simmons spiderman

Now we beget already been offered to a certain version of Jameson in „Far From House.“


If here’s the route Sony goes, that draw we’re taking a see at a fully diversified Vulture from a parallel universe who, coincidentally, also occurs to be in prison. It also draw that if Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) is always useless in „Far From House,“ that there is also a version of him alive in this diversified world.

There’s true one subject with this scenario.

Trouble 2: There’s a chance Sony might perchance perchance true be dropping an Easter egg and the wall graffiti draw nothing in any admire.

Eagle-eyed fans beget seen the graffiti artwork on the wall is from a on-line recreation.

Can beget to you might perchance perchance beget played the honest Spider-Man recreation for the PlayStation 4, you might perchance perchance sight the artwork viewed within the trailer is from promo artwork for the recreation. As Reddit person Leancarp900 pointed out, the image has true been reversed.

spider man marvel video game

Right here is the artwork that contains the Sam Raimi Spider-Man.


Is Sony true attempting to dispute that a on-line recreation exists in „Morbius“? That appears to be a bit uncommon, pondering referring to the phrase „murderer“ is plastered on the settle.

Trouble 3: It is graffiti artwork that is teasing a cinematic universe with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

tom holland spiderman far from home

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man „occurs to be the supreme hero with the superpower to inferior cinematic universes,“ in accordance to Surprise Studios‘ president Kevin Feige.

Sony Photos

Right here’s the largely doubtless and simplest resolution out of all three. Thus far, we now beget no longer viewed an instantaneous connection between Holland’s Spider-Man movies, „Venom,“ and „Morbius,“ however this artwork and the presence of Michael Keaton’s Vulture might perchance perchance back tie all three together. 

Before „Spider-Man: Homecoming,“ Sony Photos was attempting to position together its possess villain squad, Grisly Six, one thing the studio never genuinely stopped creating. In the „Morbius“ teaser, we gaze Morbius and Adrian Toomes/Vulture in prison outfits meeting one one other. The two, alongside with Venom, beget all been participants of the Grisly Six neighborhood at one point. 

The supreme inquire is why Sony bothered to uncover an image of Spider-Man from a on-line recreation in its trailer. Why are they utilizing Sam Raimi’s suit? Unclear. We’ll must wait to gaze more from „Morbius“ to secure out whether or no longer or no longer any diversified Spider characters can uncover up within the summertime movie.

You might perchance perchance likely also peep the „Morbius“ trailer here.

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