A recent trailer for the Final Chronicle VII Remake formulation one in every of the RPG’s most unforgettable scenes, whereas also providing a first glimpse at one in every of the game’s most reliable characters.

The trailer, which also introduces the legit theme song of the Final Chronicle VII Remake, also presentations glimpses of aspects of the distinctive narrative that were retained and changed.

Spoilers be aware for individuals who occupy not but played by the 1997 traditional RPG.

Within the distinctive Final Chronicle VII, one in every of the major narrative arcs within the early sport required Cloud to dress up as a girl in open up to infiltrate the mansion of Don Corneo, a criminal offense lord from Midgar’s Wall Market. Within the everyday RPG, avid gamers can label certain items to rep Don Corneo capture out Cloud in decision to Tifa and Aerith, and it seems that within the remake, Cloud’s transformation will like a ultimate-searching performance at the Honey Bee Inn.

“Magnificent beauty is an expression of the coronary heart. A factor without disgrace, to which notions of gender don’t prepare,” mentioned the unnamed particular person leading Cloud’s makeover, and it looks bask in he does a quite correct job at it.

The trailer also gives the major glimpse at Nanaki, most frequently most frequently known as Crimson XIII, a talking lion-bask in character who joins Cloud’s rep together earlier than they shuffle away Midgar. Moreover featured within the trailer are Professor Hojo, Scarlet, Palmer, and President Shinra himself, all of whom are engaged on a devious draw that Cloud and his personnel attempt to live.

Moreover shown within the trailer is one in every of the major changes to the distinctive storyline, within the create of a Soldier named Roche. It seems that he has a grudge in opposition to Cloud, though what precisely that is has but to be outlined.

The trailer extra drives up the hype for the upcoming liberate of the Final Chronicle VII Remake with scenes of Leviathan summoned into circulation, as properly as the reunion of Cloud and one in every of the win sport industry’s most novel villains, Sephiroth.

Sq. Enix also launched a within the support of-the-scenes video for Gap, the game’s legit theme song, from legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu and performed by Yosh from Reside on Mentioned The Prophet.

The commence of the Final Chronicle VII Remake has been delayed to April 10.

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