Gavin Leatherwood has consistently believed in magic. Touring nationwide as a younger actor in Cathy Rigby’s stage rendition of Peter Pan, he realized card ideas and sleight of hand from a choreographer on hiss, and he admits he became “hell-zigzag” on pursuing the craft. Performing “appropriate to salvage a scrutinize at to blow my chums’ minds,” it appears to be like his be conscious paid off: Because the conflicted, infamous-boy warlock Nicholas Scratch in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Leatherwood proves he’s got the supernatural skills to head toe-to-hoof with the satan himself — on show masks masks, now not lower than.

“Gash’s personality arcs are appropriate if truth be told fun to play,” Leatherwood tells MTV Knowledge about the characteristic, which whips between the perfect highs and lowest lows of the full characters on the favored order, making it an “extremely rewarding” phase for the 25-yr-primitive.

Between Choices 1 and 3, Gash goes from promising prodigy on the Academy of Unseen Arts; to the flirtatious, intercourse-obvious boyfriend opposite Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina Spellman; to a beautiful holding cell for Satan. Even after Sabrina and her crew rescue him by luring the demon into the body of their aged headmaster, Father Blackwood, Gash is tormented by what resembles legitimate, lingering trauma. It pushes him to self-medicate with a bender of medication (dragon’s tears, to be exact) and intercourse: In what is presumably the season’s most piquant moment, Leatherwood plays the submissive backside to a troupe of demonic dominatrixes. As that you might are looking ahead to, those ways didn’t draw Gash feel better. „To examine consolation in the leisure apart from love and connection is a extinguish of time,“ Leatherwood says.

The season left followers with a quantity of questions: Are Gash and Sabrina going to work it out, or does Sabrina silent have feelings for her mortal ex Harvey? And what the hell are the “eldritch terrors” everybody’s been talking about? The crew wrapped Piece 4 in February after 10 months of filming in Vancouver, Canada. While the starting up date has yet to be launched, Leatherwood promises there’s plenty to scrutinize ahead to — including bigger, extra advanced infamous guys and a changing relationship between Gash and the most recurring sister, Prudence Blackwood.

Landyn Pan

MTV Knowledge: The put did you develop up? 

Leatherwood: I grew up in Southern California. Then we moved after I became 18, I had appropriate graduated excessive faculty, and we moved as much as Oregon and we had been there for some time. I have been backward and ahead for some time. I even lived right here in Novel York for about a months earlier than it chewed me up and spit me out.

MTV Knowledge: What carry out you suggest?

Leatherwood: Ethical be pleased, getting mugged while drowsing on a explain, taking a nap. Slumbering on a bench for a night time. It became an complete curler coaster of a part, but a inconceivable discovering out abilities. I’m in a position to achieve reduction now with a small bit extra ease.

MTV Knowledge: Had been there any movies or TV reveals you grew up loving that that you might be feeling be pleased influenced your aims as an actor?

Leatherwood: I grew up with my older sister, and we watched Lizzie McGuireThat’s So Raven, and Pals. And I endure in thoughts seeing a younger Leonardo DiCaprio on Big and feeling be pleased, “I are attempting to be that man.“ Hercules became a broad Disney movie that I cherished. I veteran to allege: „I have customarily dreamed of a miles-off location, with a gargantuan warm welcome.“ I pictured occurring a chase, and the chase became performing, and the arrangement became to protect out that. It’s a if truth be told surreal part to have these final two years below my belt, or appropriate in life, and making an try reduction for a moment. I am doing the part I hiss out to protect out.

MTV Knowledge: And now you play Nicholas Scratch on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. What has been your accepted part about portraying that personality?

Leatherwood: It’s fun to appropriate play all these different stages of him and proceed to add extra to his personality. He’s fully dynamic, and I be pleased the challenges he is confronted up to now. After we first inspect him, he is this collegiate, studious pupil, and he is attracted to Sabrina, and a small bit of a flirt. In Piece 2, we inspect that wreck down a small bit of bit, and his coronary heart becomes a small bit bigger, be pleased the Grinch. When it grows, he gets a small bit of hotter and fuzzier. Then in Piece 3, shit hits the fan.

MTV Knowledge: He’s had some extremely sad moments in Piece 3. How did you prepare for that?

Leatherwood: You know if you occur to imagine honest thoughts to feel joyous? I did the replacement. To take hold of the inspiration of the put he became coming from, what he had been going thru, doing what I could perchance to empathize in conjunction with his personality, and if fact be told striking myself in the shoes of what which can be be pleased, and appropriate imagining it. I did write a small bit about it. I have equivalent to you carry out all this homework and then, if you occur to salvage on hiss, you ball it up and chuck it away. You appropriate try to play that moment as if truth be told and authentically as that that you might have faith, which I am silent discovering out the particular arrangement to protect out.

MTV Knowledge: How carry out you enhance from that mindset and prioritize self-care?

Leatherwood: That’s to take into accounta good priority for me and will need to be for each actor who’s doing issues which can be emotionally now not easy. It requires a quantity of face masks, baths, important oils, and most keen calming song. Typically or now not it’s senseless TV or going out with chums and dancing — appropriate something to possess of disrupt the pattern of what that you might have gotten been doing.

MTV Knowledge: What had been about a of your accepted moments on hiss all over Piece 3?

Leatherwood: I if truth be told cherished doing the impromptu song video. It became Luke [Cook], Kiernan, Likelihood [Perdomo], Sam [Corlett], and Miranda [Otto]; and Lucy [Davis], who had a hideous fever that day. We’re walking down the halls of Baxter Excessive, and we’re all dancing and being silly. It’s fun to have one-on-one scenes with Kiernan because we salvage to salvage into it, but after we have those broad groups, or now not it’s if truth be told, if truth be told fun.

MTV Knowledge: Are there scenes you fight with?

Leatherwood: I have be pleased the extra purposeful scenes are appropriate something that I fight with as an actor, because I am attempting to protect out so many replacement issues, and oftentimes it requires letting it all trail and appropriate being present in the moment, now not making an try the leisure. Getting emotional … I create now not carry out that in my same old life, so that you can salvage a arrangement as a personality is largely fun.

MTV Knowledge: Gash had among the essential memorable moments of Piece 3 in the scene with the intercourse demons. What became that be pleased, and had been you intimidated? 

Leatherwood: I strive now not to be. On the day, I met the 2 actors enjoying the intercourse demons, who had been honest and magnificent of us. Then they got ready for about a hours and came reduction, and [the makeup] became a small bit of intimidating, but that you might need to have faith one another, know what the scene is, and rejoice with it. Don’t salvage it too severely, upright? We had been all laughing. There are such quite loads of outtakes from that day. You have horns popping out of you in each direction and we’re linked by chains. That’s something that I create now not assume you if truth be told inspect in the pictures that they order — is that we’re all linked, by belts, on the reduction of me, to her neck, and to his arms, and they had been pulling me and stuff.

MTV Knowledge: At the tip of Piece 3, there became this recommendation that there might perchance silent be something between Sabrina and Harvey. But is there the leisure left between Gash and Sabrina in Piece 4?

Leatherwood: He will consistently have that love for Sabrina, and I create now not assume or now not it’s going wherever. But Gash and Prudence had a small bit of a moment on the steps start air of the Academy, as neatly. They’re connecting and communicating for what feels be pleased for the significant time in some time. Gash’s been having a quantity of communication considerations, critically with Sabrina, since the fate of the sphere rests on her shoulders and he would now not feel be pleased a priority. He feels be pleased a burden. In the moment of opening as much as a longtime pal in Prudence, we’re seeing a phase of him slowly attain reduction.

MTV Knowledge: What about the “eldritch terrors” — what carry out we are looking ahead to to establish from them in Piece 4?

Leatherwood: We’re seeing a brand recent possess of a villain. We assume Satan became rotten, but we have some terrors coming which can be important extra cerebral, trippy, and keen, and we face one nearly each episode all over Piece 4.

MTV Knowledge: What carry out you hope viewers will salvage some distance from gazing Gash? 

Leatherwood: I’d love viewers to be taught from his coping mechanisms, how they had been ineffective. Existence inevitably throws us curve balls and issues occur, and a same old manner to address that’s to inspect consolation in start air issues, equivalent to medication and intercourse demons or what have you. It’s now not a exact manner of going thru your feelings. Genuinely, what Gash wanted in Piece 3 became connection, somebody to establish with. We inspect a glimmer of hope on the very end when he sits with Prudence. To examine consolation in the leisure apart from love and connection is a extinguish of time.

MTV NEWS: So, don’t carry out medication.

Leatherwood: Don’t carry out medication and don’t accomplice your self with a intercourse demon, green and crimson and horny — I suggest that in the bodily sense.

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