Hyundai scored large with its successfully obtained „Smaht Pahk“ Trim Bowl ad, and Porsche space pulses racing with its Heist self-discipline, nonetheless those inventive juices sadly don’t appear to be flowing as successfully for Genesis‚ luxuriate in large sport industrial.

Wednesday brought us the open of Genesis‘ ad self-discipline for the Trim Bowl featuring the GV80 SUV, and unlike corporate cousin Hyundai, Genesis did no longer reasonably stick the landing. The theme of the ad is „worn luxurious“ — a motif so many automakers possess outdated sooner than. The premise is easy enough: Every other luxurious impress is space in their ways, so build room for the recent child with recent strategies and a brand recent buy on opulence. Audi pulled the a similar trick years ago when promoting its then-recent R8 supercar.

The self-discipline stars a huge name supercouple, the singer John Story and model and author Chrissy Teigen, who throw a going-away birthday party for „worn luxurious.“ The majority of the ad revolves spherical Teigen calling out diversified birthday party guests for their outlandish habits or personalities. Many of them set up no longer possess great to attain with „worn luxurious,“ nonetheless they would also secure about a laughs, equivalent to „guy who thinks his loud swimsuit’s a persona.“

As Teigen prepares to introduce what Genesis calls „young luxurious,“ Story fails to shut on cue in the GV80. Whereas Teigen scolds him, Story asks for the „magic notice,“ which in this case is „sexiest man alive,“ a nod to Story’s latest title.

Even if the ad falls short in my gape, it can well no doubt give the GV80 huge publicity as Genesis launches its first SUV. In Roadshow’s first-power review of the GV80, Opinions Editor Craig Cole walked away mighty impressed with the rig.

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