Cameo is designed for celebrities to reply questions about themselves „in their very delight in fashion.“ Prominent of us are invited to perform video recordings of themselves answering authorized questions from the score, and their answers are then shown in Google’s search outcomes. Celebs who have outdated the carrier up to now consist of Golden Narrate Warriors neatly-known person Kevin Durant and model Karlie Kloss.

The Cameos app is an extension of the Posts on Google feature which lets verified folks add details about themselves to search outcomes, equivalent to allowing neatly-known musicians to add updates or details about upcoming concerts to Google’s Data Panel that appears on the discontinue of search pages.

It is moreover a riff on Instagram’s authorized Q&A structure, where followers can are waiting for Instagram customers questions that they reply in a Story. Somebody can get the Google Cameos app for Android from the Play Retailer, but customers need to are waiting for rep entry to by filling out a form to in actuality spend the carrier.

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