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February 6, 2020, 11: 24 AM

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1. NOT GUILTY: SENATE ACQUITS TRUMP Mitt Romney became once the completely Republican senator to vote in opposition to acquittal as appropriate the third impeachment trial in American historical past ends with a divided Congress, and electorate.

2. GLOBAL TOURISM TAKES MAJOR HIT The viral outbreak in China throws the mosey industry into chaos, threatening billions in losses and conserving thousands and thousands of would-be travelers at residence.

3. ‘A FLOATING PRISON‘ That’s what one man celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary on luxurious cruise now feels after firstly playing the sights of East Asia — it is ending with him quarantined on the ship for 2 further weeks.

4. IOWA RACE TIGHTENS Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are nearly tied within the Democratic caucuses, with 97% of the outcomes counted in a contest marred by technical concerns and reporting delays.

5. ‘UNCERTAINTY IS NOW PERMANENT’ From France to South Korea, Britain to Israel, outmoded American allies are carefully invested in what occurs later this yr within the U.S. election.

6. ‘TOOK A GUT PUNCH’ After a comparatively melancholy showing in Iowa, Joe Biden says he is no longer going wherever as he tries to position himself in New Hampshire because the new „Comeback Miniature one.”

7. BACK ON EARTH Astronaut Christina Koch, who has spent nearly 11 months in orbit on the longest spaceflight by a girl, lands safely in Kazakhstan.

8. FISSURES SEEN IN US-IRAQI MILITARY ALLIANCE The Iraqi authorities is backing some distance from cooperation on the ground, telling its military no longer to impeach the People‘ reduction in military operations in opposition to the Islamic Squawk team.

9. ‘TO THE WORLD, HE WAS A LEGEND’ Kirk Douglas, the muscular actor with the dimpled chin who starred in „Spartacus,“ „Lust for Lifestyles“ and dozens of various motion photos and helped fatally weaken the Hollywood blacklist, is tiring at 103.

10. WHO IS SEEKING REINSTATEMENT TO BASEBALL Profession hits chief Pete Rose seeks an demolish to his lifetime ban, saying the penalty is unfair in contrast with discipline for steroids consume and electronic ticket stealing.

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