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Anneka Rice is unprejudiced recognized for racing about in a jumpsuit for Channel 4’s Like Hunt and the BBC’s Grief Anneka.

She later took to radio, presenting on BBC Radio 2, and used to be a contestant on last year’s Strictly Reach Dancing.

Also last year, Rice moved into performing comedy and recorded The Clemmie Hart Years for Radio 4, whereby she told the true myth of how she created a fictional agent for herself.

Forward of her second stint at elevating a giggle for the put in Abet! My Head’s in Wookey Gap, she gave BBC News a vivid reflection on her ride of fame.

I are attempting and factor in my existence in comic episodes, because it has been so peculiar. That’s how the stand-up started. The valid version is a piece of darkish for mass sharing.

One among basically the most surreal episodes used to be having a Madame Tussauds waxwork made.

I hung from a rope ladder in the lobby in the ’80s, in a jumpsuit, the first person bemused tourists seen when they walked in.

When I solid forward with Grief Anneka they simply modified my outfit and put a paintbrush in my hand.

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Anneka Rice

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Anneka Rice with her Madame Tussauds waxwork

I only realized I will be able to even been eliminated when Channel 4 got right here to interview me about the glory of being immortalised in wax.

I basked in their consideration, till they told me I will be able to even been melted down and my head used to be in Wookey Gap.

My body had potentially long previous into making Kim Kardashian’s bottom.

Whilst you Google „Wookey Gap Madame Tussauds“ prospects are you’ll well well scrutinize rows of decapitated heads gathering dust on a shelf.

I had an escape to raise my head residence. I imagined a mini-bus paunchy of rejected Nationwide Treasures off on a lag to hunt out our heads.

Mediate We’re Going on a Endure Hunt meets Indiana Jones.

I needed to raise my head help to veil my sons, who still insist I’m a builder on story of I spent so noteworthy time up a step ladder all over their childhood. This might perchance be my badge of honour. „Scrutinize who your mum used to be, boys!“

My search became a metaphor for my existence. I used to be moved on from Madame Tussauds by security, my telephone-calls unanswered.

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Anneka recreated her notorious pose while dancing with Kevin Clifton on Strictly

It took me help to my teenage years, after I used to be so invisible to my folk I believed the single methodology to ranking them to glimpse me used to be if I used to be despatched to jail.

I took to shoplifting in a desperate are attempting and be arrested and used to be taken residence in a police automobile. I dilapidated to eradicate immense bras, dimension 46FF, stuffing them into my college rucksack.

Those bras had a lifetime of their relish – my geometry put fitted properly into one cup, packed lunch in the alternative.

When I got lucky in Croydon and used to be arrested. While I used to be being held by the Surrey constabulary I gave the efficiency of my existence.

I made a destroy for it, running down the excessive facet road. Now you know why I loved doing Celeb Hunted so noteworthy.

After they requested for my title I proudly gave it: „Wendy Blueprint“. She used to be the class bully and made my existence hell. Agonisingly although, they let me hasten and I went residence on the bus.

I took myself off to London and gave one more big efficiency to the personnel officer at the BBC who permitted me on a BBC practising direction.

After two years at the World Service on The World This day and Outlook, I needed to be fragment of that world we had been broadcasting to.

A 3-year stint in Hong Kong adopted, working as a sub-editor at TVB files after which as newsreader, when the related outdated person used to be taken ailing.

I used to be so nervous the first night I ran someone over on the methodology to the studio and needed to be taken to work in a police automobile – my dream!

The second night Spike Milligan crawled into the studio and sat below my files desk stroking my foot. I used to be fully out of my depth, 20 pretending to be 26. However I used to be flying.

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Anneka has tales to recount about each Spike Milligan (left) and Albert R Broccoli

When I returned to the UK, I got diverted from journalism and used to be literally flying – this time in a helicopter with none doors. Extra jeopardy.

I needed to swap my title as Equity said there used to be already an Annie Rice. I took the title of my friend Gary’s sister, Anneka, and ping! I used to be a a range of person again, this time with an peculiar Swedish help-myth.

Grief Anneka used to be heady stuff. An navy of tons of of volunteers over the years adopted me wherever the projects took us.

These volunteers still proceed to contact me beyond anything else else. Many still work on the projects, 30 years on.

Within the meantime, Cubby Broccoli auditioned me to be a Bond Lady, Hollywood got right here calling fervent to ranking a movie of my Romanian Grief and I had a rose named after me.

I gave birth to my first son by approach of a puppet on Spitting Image, with Kenneth Kendal giving me instructions. When son amount 1 got right here out he used to be adopted by a cameraman. Honestly, are attempting it out. I’ve put it on Twitter.

No topic all these credentials, my waxwork search used to be proving fruitless. Madame Tussauds put up a wall of silence.

On Twitter I used to be told I will be able to even been seen now not too lengthy ago in a pile of our bodies in a Blackpool storeroom, presumably subsequent to Frank Bruno or The Krankies.

Then one more peculiar twist. A chum reckoned she seen Invoice Clinton at the RAF Museum in Shropshire, sitting in a tank.

One more swore they seen Larry Grayson’s head impaled on a rusty pitchfork exterior Ramsay Bolton’s castle on Sport of Thrones. Enact Tussauds procure a lucrative swap promoting off heads?

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What Alan Bennett mantra does Anneka obtain encouraging?

I beget I’m a piece of methodology off this being my destiny at the BBC. I love being one amongst the longest-serving female broadcasters. Whilst you sliced me initiate, BBC would slither thru me love a stick of rock.

My Radio 2 target market procure recognized me all their existence. When I used to be doing stand-up at the Backyard Comedy Club, I used to be touched there had been queues spherical the block of folk in their 30s who had grown up with me on TV.

Extra surreally I met so much of Toddler Annekas, named after me in the ’80s and ’90s. Now in their 30s we agreed collectively it used to be an outrage my waxwork used to be missing. They have now not will procure to be associated with a lump of melted-down wax.

As Alan Bennett said: „Maintaining On, Maintaining On.“ That is a factual mantra after 43 years at the BBC. Work affords me a rhythm, which I need for my valid head.

Abet! My Head’s in Wookey Gap can even also be heard on Radio 4 and BBC Sounds on 20 March at 11: 30 GMT.

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