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I made brownies using recipes from Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsay, and Rachael Ray.
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  • I followed brownie recipes from three famous person cooks: Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray, and Guy Fieri.
  • Guy Fieri’s brownies had a definite and curious appealing flavor, but I need they’d had much less of a kick. 
  • Rachael Ray’s brownies had been so easy to make and they’d a classic flavor. 
  • Though I deem every brownie had its maintain mammoth qualities, I loved Gordon Ramsay’s darkish-chocolate-loaded brownies basically the most.
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Most famous person cooks maintain a signature dish — but how terminate they fare when whipping up a classic dessert? 

I definite to place three renowned cooks‘ signature brownie recipes to the test and overview them primarily based mostly entirely on taste, cooking direction of, and texture. 

Listed below are the recipes I followed:

Learn on to ogle how these famous person-chef recipes stacked up.

I started with Gordon Ramsay’s recipe.

gordon ramsay recipe

I became once taken aback at how easy the recipe appeared.
Paige Bennett for Insider

If you maintain ever considered „Hell’s Kitchen,“ you know Gordon Ramsay would possibly furthermore also be slightly intimidating in the kitchen. But powerful to my shock and pleasure, the Michelin-starred chef’s brownie recipe (stumbled on on his net residing) became once slightly easy and fairly of easy.

For this recipe, I had to first melt darkish-chocolate bars and butter in a double-broiler, which became once a tiresome direction of since I saved the heat low to take away from burning the chocolate.

After the chocolate and butter had been totally melted and mixed into a creamy mixture, I merely added in the relaxation substances.

My batter didn’t cease up being utterly refined as it became once presupposed to be, but it undoubtedly soundless slid right out of the bowl into the baking dish with ease.

I stumbled on the baking direction of to be incredibly relaxing.

Gordon Ramsay done 2.JPG

I had an even time breaking a chocolate bar and tossing it onto my brownies.
Paige Bennett for Insider

A lot to my pleasure, the recipe in truth helpful pulling the brownies out of the oven after 20 minutes of baking, then „vigorously“ throwing shards of a darkish-chocolate bar on top of them to interrupt the crust that started forming on top.

I’d never had a brownie recipe expose me to total one thing luxuriate in this sooner than, but I had an even time doing it.

After fairly of violently throwing in these appealing, chocolate pieces onto them, the brownies went back into the oven for 20 more minutes.

And once I took the brownies out, I noticed that the chocolate shards had melted into bubbly, gooey swimming pools that I would possibly possibly no longer wait to dive into.

The swimming pools of darkish chocolate added to the flavor and presentation.

Gordon Ramsay slice 2.JPG

I loved pulling this tray of brownies out of the oven.
Paige Bennett for Insider

I believed these had been soft, fairly chewy, and slightly fudgy.

I loved the darkish-chocolate flavor and most traditional that they had been sweet without being too sweet. The melty, bubbled-up chocolate on top sealed the deal for me, too.

As one can capture, the amount of darkish chocolate on this recipe makes for some seriously prosperous and no longer-too-sweet brownies. My accomplice even thought they had been a smidge too bitter and no longer sweet adequate.

This capacity that, I’d potentially counsel pairing these brownies with a light, fluffy cream and contemporary berries.

Next, I followed Rachael Ray’s recipe, which had the fewest substances.

Rachael Ray 2.JPG

These brownies utterly required six easy substances.
Paige Bennett for Insider

Of all of the famous person-chef brownie recipes I tested, the one I stumbled on on Rachael Ray’s net residing became once basically the most productive to apply.

I wasn’t too taken aback since seeing because the queen of the easy, 30-minute meal.

The recipe required wonderful six substances that had been all mixed collectively in one bowl, making it a mammoth choice if you wish to maintain to place selfmade dessert on the desk fleet, or if you wonderful abominate washing dishes.

The brownies took powerful longer than expected to cook.

Rachael Ray brownies

It took with regards to an hour for my brownies to cook.
Paige Bennett for Insider

Possibly my oven’s temperature settings had been off or my batter became once too thick, but these brownies took scheme longer to cook than what the recipe suggested. 

After 30 minutes in the oven, I checked their doneness with a steel skewer, and it came out covered in thick, moist batter.

They spent a total of 50 minutes in the oven sooner than my skewer in a roundabout device came out orderly. 

This recipe resulted in a classic, appetizing brownie.

Rachael Ray slice 3.JPG

They smelled strongly of chocolate.
Paige Bennett for Insider

Even supposing they took fairly long to bake, these brownies ended up having a appetizing classic flavor and they had been a relaxing coloration of darkish brown. 

The center became once chewy and dense, whereas the tip and edges had been fairly crunchy. I loved the contrasting textures and these brownies reminded me of ones I’d eaten as a kid. 

Finally, I labored on Guy Fieri’s complex brownie recipe.

making rhubarb brownies

These brownies required rhubarb and three varieties of chocolate.
Paige Bennett for Insider

In a total incompatibility to Ray’s like a flash, easy, and usual brownie recipe, Guy Fieri’s recipe (stumbled on on the Food Network net residing) requires a lengthy checklist of substances that sounded each and each fairly uncommon and appetizing to me.

Initially, I wanted some rhubarb. Since I became once making this in the iciness and rhubarb is a spring vegetable, I had to scour my native farmers‘ market wonderful to snag some. 

Furthermore, this recipe required darkish rum and three varied sorts of chocolate.

I felt luxuriate in I became once working in chaos whereas looking out to gain these mixed up and prepared for the oven.

Guy Fieri done 1.JPG

The baking direction of for these brownies became once by some capacity each and each gradual and chaotic.
Paige Bennett for Insider

First, I had to gain the rhubarb compote happening the range, which became once easy adequate.

From there, I in moderation melted the chocolate in the microwave, but I had to terminate it in most cases to make obvious that the chocolate wasn’t burning whereas furthermore monitoring the compote to make obvious that it didn’t gain too hot.

In between these tasks, I sifted collectively plenty of the dry substances (flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and chile powder).

Then, I creamed the butter and sugar collectively in a stand mixer, in moderation added the eggs one after the other, and stirred in vanilla and darkish rum. 

By this point, my chocolate became once good and melty, but the rhubarb compote looked stringy. I took a stick blender to it to make obvious that that it became once refined, then added the compote to the chocolate.

After that, I poured this mixture into the moist substances and gave it about a stirs till it became once all mixed. Then I added a long way more substances. 

Finally of this work, I became once ready for a day out to Flavortown.

The recipe resulted in a definite and appealing introduction.

Guy Fieri slice 2.JPG

Sadly, I would possibly possibly no longer taste any rhubarb.
Paige Bennett for Insider

These brownies looked thick and chocolaty and smelled appetizing thanks to the three varieties of chocolate, the compote, the cinnamon, and the chile powder.

They had been very crumbly upon cutting and fell apart without disclose whereas I transferred them to a plate. The edges had been furthermore crisp and had a pleasant chocolate flavor.  

I luxuriate in appealing food, but I deem these had too powerful of a kick for me and I need I’d added much less chile powder than what the recipe known as for.

Finally, I became once fairly let down by the indisputable truth that I would possibly possibly no longer after all taste the rhubarb compote that I labored so exhausting on.


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