Justin and Hailey Bieber are now not too ok with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and his most popular TikTok about Hailey.

Last week, Dr. Daniel Barrett posted a TikTok suggesting that Hailey had totally different procedures performed to her face while comparing aspect-by-aspect images of her taken years apart. Within the video, Dr. Barrett says it appears as even supposing Hailey bought rhinoplasty, a pores and skin-tightening arrangement, gotten filler in her cheeks and lips, jawline contouring and genioplasty.

Now, in a assertion given to ET, Dr. Barrett states that he got a cease-and-desist letter from attorneys „claiming“ to list the Biebers. Dr. Barrett states that the Biebers „claimed that I was defaming her and the usage of copyrighted lyrics and her likeness.“ ET has reached out to Justin and Hailey’s reps, as neatly as Justin’s attorney, for comment.

„I got a cease-and-desist letter from attorneys claiming to list her and Justin Bieber annoying that I steal away the post and mission an apology. They claimed that I was defaming her and the usage of copyrighted lyrics and her likeness,“ Dr. Barrett mentioned in a assertion. „I was for certain panicked as I was simply sharing my conception on what I believed she could even honest have had performed. I felt fancy I was being bullied. I create now not extinguish money off of the TikTok myth and the ‚cease and desist‘ used to be overreaching.“

In his assertion, Dr. Barrett began by explaining that he began his TikTok while his places of work had been closed to entertain and educate viewers about cosmetic surgery. „Heaps of my followers place aside a query to me about what I have faith determined celebrities have had performed. Many viewers complain of low self admire and body image concerns as soon as they search for comely celebrities who say that they have not had any work performed,“ he shared. „Hailey Bieber used to be a sizzling one and heaps participants wished to know what I believed she had performed.“

Dr. Barrett neatly-known that Hailey is now not one in every of his patients, but he did a tiny bit evaluation and came across images of her that regarded as if it might possibly well be unaltered. „I compared them aspect-by-aspect and gave my conception as to what cosmetic surgery procedures I believed she had performed,“ he outlined, adding that folk tagged Hailey and she „posted a comment that she felt it used to be flattering that folk knowing that she had cosmetic surgery.“

„The entire cause of the TikTok myth is to carry awareness about cosmetic surgery and to steal away the stigma associated with it,“ he persevered. „Folk are comely whether they salvage cosmetic surgery or now not. It be also folks’s industry whether they want to point to that they’d cosmetic surgery or now not.“

He added that cosmetic surgery is turning into a grand extra acceptable dispute, asserting, „Many celebrities create undergo cosmetic surgery, but by denying it they are growing counterfeit expectations of what natural beauty is.“

„I in actuality have many celeb customers. Nonetheless on the opposite hand I don’t think it’s acceptable to bully participants who are sharing their opinions on public images,“ Dr. Barrett outlined. „In no manner used to be my intent to disparage or upset Hailey. I even complimented her in the video. Honestly, if she simply requested me to steal it down vs having a decent team reach out,  I potentially would have taken it down.“

Hailey had previously known as out an Instagram myth that also posted two images of her and claiming that she bought cosmetic surgery.

„Pause the usage of pics which could perhaps be edited by make-up artists!“ she commented. „This vow on the entire is NOT what I leer fancy… I’ve never touched my face so Whenever you are gonna sit around and overview me at 13, and then me at 23, now not decrease than exhaust a natural vow that wasn’t edited so loopy.“

This is now not the first time that Dr. Barrett has been known as out by a celeb. He previously posted a TikTok by which he retracted and apologized to Madison Beer after she made it determined to him that the „after“ vow he used to be comparing to the „sooner than“ used to be intently edited.


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