Except for mountainous-determine titles love Horizon and Resident Inferior, Sony has additionally showcased a charming indie game with Pixar-love visuals at the Draw forward for Gaming PS5 occasion. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a myth-driven action chase by a dinky developer called Ember Lab. Within the firm’s put up on the PlayStation Weblog, COO Josh Grier said Ember Lab became as soon as a “boutique studio specializing in personality pattern for exciting commercials” sooner than engaged on video games.

Kena combines exploration with immediate-paced strive against in a global where you’ll non-public to grow a crew of spirit companions called the Rot. You’ll non-public to enhance their abilities and non-public unusual ways to govern the atmosphere. In step with the trailer shown for the length of the occasion, your personality can use magic and wield a workers with a blue crystal as a weapon. Sadly, the game doesn’t non-public a open date but, nonetheless the PS5 itself is predicted to be on hand this coming holiday season.

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