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KJ Apa beelines for the coffee as rapidly as he walks into our interview room at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Minutes earlier than, any individual came into the room to be obvious that that there turned into coffee within the pot; minutes after, Apa is spilling milk and apologizing profusely. He factual landed in Los Angeles from Vancouver, Canada, where Riverdale movies practically year-spherical. (Obviously, this meetup is going down a week prior to the CW pausing manufacturing over COVID-19 issues.)

“Gargantuan originate up to the day, is now not any longer without a doubt it?” he jokes. It’s without a doubt 12: 30 within the afternoon, nonetheless how odd time can without a doubt feel on scurry days. Apa will seemingly be clumsy and his timing will seemingly be wonky; these quirks simplest add to his charm.

Any fan of the actor is familiar alongside with his trace of charisma, highly considered in his portrayal of Archie Andrews, the newbie vigilante continuously trying to originate his neighborhood better. It’s an earnest, elevate out-merely enchantment, where in most cases he makes mistakes, nonetheless his heart is continuously within the most effective place. Apa has perfected the persona, despite the reality that he insists he can’t glimpse it. He’s “extremely serious” of himself, as many actors are. “It be no longer be pleased I’m sitting there staring at, going, man, I’m charming,” Apa tells MTV Info.

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KJ Apa and Britt Robertson as Jeremy Camp and Melissa Henning.

It makes ideal sense — we’re all our possess worst critics — nonetheless at the identical time, it is miles a limited bit of onerous to take care of how anybody, Apa included, can steer clear of staring at the conceal conceal, mesmerized by his candy sincerity. Right here’s obvious in his most contemporary movie, I Mild Have faith. Within the tragic love story, Apa stars as singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp opposite Britt Robertson’s Melissa Henning, who’s diagnosed with ovarian cancer rapidly after their courtship begins. It be according to the genuine story of the Grammy-nominated artist and his gradual first wife, who, on conceal conceal, channels her religion to files her by the disaster, challenging Jeremy to raise out the identical.

“There were moments where I saw that location and I requested myself, damn, what would I elevate out in that location? How would I react?” Apa says. “Jeremy is factual… He without a doubt is a one-of-a-type human being. If you meet him, it.”

Even though he aspires to be pleased intensely and unconditionally, the come his character does right by the movie — “The purest label of affection is giving your self to any individual or something and no longer awaiting anything else in return,” he says — Apa restful has wretchedness seeing it in himself. He at the initiating modified into down the role. It took some coaxing to plan his self perception.

His hesitation cropped up in a pair of locations. He scared in regards to the responsibility of telling an accurate story, and telling it effectively. “I did now not are searching to be the man at the stay of the day, if it all modified into sinister, then I’m the man. It be my face all over it,” he says. After which there turned into the musicality of the role.

Michael Kubeisy

KJ Apa takes the stage as Jeremy Camp.

I know what you’re thinking, because I had the identical thought: Apa is a musician — what does he comprise to be horrified of? He grew up taking half within the guitar, and he’s been showcasing his means on Riverdale since Season 1.

Riverdale is a ideal example of ‚I’m a musician,’” Apa says. “But am I namely playing the musical facets of the mission that I’m doing? No longer without a doubt. I without a doubt wish to raise out it.”

Apa hadn’t dug into Camp’s discography till after he read the script, nonetheless now, he’s a fan. As a songwriter and an artist, he calls Camp “improbable,” so in this case, fashion turned into much less of an effort. Apa factual isn’t a singer — positively no longer publicly, and no longer privately, either. “Folks factual … support forcing me to state in all these projects.” He’d without a doubt moderately factual play his guitar.

Shania Twain, song memoir who performs mom to Apa’s Camp, begs to change. “He has a pure verbal substitute to the viewers, to the guitar, so I thought he turned into improbable,” she advised MTV Info. And Twain has quite so much of Diamond-licensed albums, dozens of BMI Awards, 5 Grammys, and a slew of various accolades, so that might perchance perchance be very excessive reward.

Mild, despite the reality that he’s been performing since he turned into a teen, stars within the greatest tell on the CW, and leads a movie of his possess, Apa strikes to assign air quotes spherical the be aware “success” when he speaks it, altering course midway by his sentence to as a replace call them “achievements.”

Michael Kubeisy

Shania Twain and KJ Apa share a mom-son moment.

He doesn’t gain any of it too seriously. Assuredly he makes up answers on the space right by interviews, namely these speedily-fire questions. (But, he assures me, he never exaggerates when he talks in regards to the importance of moisturizing.) He feels his simplest when he’s factual performing be pleased a traditional person: sustaining a wholesome diet, exercising, taking half in song, and having a glimpse after his mates. He holds a obvious disdain for the highlight reel that Instagram has modified into and the comparisons it frequently encourages. “That’s no longer the shit that I care about,” he says. And though he very great will be one in every of these other folks with the closing highlight reel, he’s no longer . “At the stay of the day, to me, I’m living my lifestyles. You are living your lifestyles. We’re all living our lives. We’re all participants.”

Apa surrounds himself with other folks who without a doubt feel the identical come. It helps him attach grounded, and helps him to without a doubt accumulate pleasure from lifestyles — and extra namely, his lifestyles.

“The staunch world is appropriate in entrance of me appropriate now, with you, appropriate now. Point out,” he emphasizes. “The staunch world is now not any longer on our mobile phone. It be what’s going down on appropriate in entrance of you.”

The fervour with which he says this — while declaring ideal observe contact, no much less — is precisely what makes Apa so damn charming. “I non-public it’s the reality,” he says. Then, after a transient cease, “But yeah,” he adds, ironically swapping his native Unusual Zealand accent for an American one. “I remark it be charming.”

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