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Twilight fans, assemble! Kristen Stewart recently sat down for an interview with The Howard Stern Screen, and in doing so, she by some means managed to carry attend all of our „Robsten“ feels. The Charlie’s Angels valuable individual opened up about her split with Robert Pattinson, how she feels in regards to the actor now, and whether or no longer she idea they’d ever secure married. (Spoiler alert: She did).

„He’s the finest,“ Stewart stated of her ex-boyfriend and damaged-down co-valuable individual. And even supposing she has nothing but definite things to relate about Pattinson now, that does no longer mean their relationship — which used to be repeatedly placed below a microscope — used to be easy. „You deprive yourself of so many experiences,“ Stewart stated. „We did now not stroll down the road preserving hands because of the we were admire, ‚We construct no longer wanna give it to ‚em.‘ Nonetheless then, we did now not secure to stroll down the road preserving hands, and it sucked.“

As for falling in admire on build, Stewart stated there used to be „nothing“ she may perhaps perhaps enact. And to on the second, it nonetheless feels habitual talking about how they fell apart — mostly because of the, per her, she used to be never ready to „drawl what took issue.“ „I was so self-acutely acutely conscious of seeming admire an attention-seeker,“ Stewart stated. „We were together for years, that used to be my first [love].“

The damaged-down pair moreover needed to climate unwanted opinions relating to their romance, including abominate from naysayers who insisted their admire used to be counterfeit from the soar. „You truly think at this level, in spite of every little thing these years, that’s how I stay my lifestyles?“ she asked, confirming that what she and Pattinson had on the time used to be 100 p.c real. So real, truly, that she once pondered the idea to be marrying him.

When asked if there used to be some extent she would’ve married Pattinson, Stewart stated, „I construct no longer know. I needed to…yeah,“ earlier than trailing off. And though diehard Twilight fans shipped Robsten exhausting, the actress stated that she’s truly felt that approach about heaps of her past relationships. „I’m no longer to take into accounta good duper traditionalist,“ she stated. „Nonetheless on the identical time…every relationship I’ve ever been in, I idea that used to be it. I’ve never truly been primarily the most informal individual.“

Regardless of no longer classifying herself as a „traditionalist“ nor as „informal,“ Stewart nonetheless believes in marriage. After being asked if she thinks she’ll ever secure married, Stewart stated, „evidently.“ And though it are seemingly to be now not Pattinson on the finish of the aisle, Twilight fans can beget an very excellent time in the data that in spite of every little thing these years, there are no exhausting feelings.

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