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Undoubtedly one of the fundamental Rift’s oldest veterans is at last getting his turn into. Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom, has a visible update heading down the pipelines of the League of Legends champion roster.

To dangle a truthful time the today-drawing conclude update, Revolt released a unique brief cinematic to tease the fanbase. It’s handiest a bit extra than a minute, and Fiddlesticks himself is barely seen the total video, but it fits his vibe completely.

Viewers see two Demacian squaddies camping out in what seem to be the ruins of some form of structure deep within the woods. The camera is made up our minds to be at the purpose-of-stare of 1 in all them because the two idly banter about mages sooner than being distracted by a bump within the evening, crows squawking away within the gap.

As one amongst them is outwardly dragged away, a woodland course opens with a lamp at the discontinue. The victim begs for relief as our point of stare slowly climbs thru the path, being attentive to the darkish ambience because the lantern waves from aspect to aspect.

Upon reaching the corpse of the soldier, it begins to fragment and drop away as one other advise for relief sounds out, forcing the camera to whirl round once extra. We see a scarecrow a transient distance away as he fittingly T-poses on us for dominance sooner than his crimson eyes originate, sending him crawling after us. As the video display fades away, all you hear is the gargled, distorted moaning of the name Fiddlesticks.

So, yeah, rather spooky. That you just must see the total trailer upright there above within the occasion you’d must, but dangle in thoughts this your distinguished spook warning.

All in all, it’s an gorgeous visible update of a personality that has desperately wanted one. Coming into 2020, a fan poll of the fanbase came out to video display that the two champions who had been most requested for a visible update had been Fiddlesticks and Volibear – and Revolt listened. Volibear’s turn into is headed down the pipe to boot, with Fiddlestick’s turn into finishing the first half of the project.

It’s also a faithfully executed update that doesn’t seem tackle it will aloof upset many followers of the personality, despite the proven reality that any other folks will inevitably be pissed off with alternate. The trailer aloof items the haunting paranoia-fueled alarm that Fiddlesticks is intended to bring lore-practical, serving to to withhold proper to the personality whereas also refreshingly shaking up the gaze.

We’ll be seeing Volibear’s update soon ample, but till then, don’t jog into the woods.

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