By Tim Marcin

Twitter is sorting out out a new feature the place you are going to limit who replies to your tweet and Lil Nas X — a prolific and like minded movie big name tweeter — stumbled on a vivid manner to make employ of it to troll.

Of us with the new feature can limit, put up by put up, who can reply to their tweets. Lil Nas X posted he’d give $100 to each person who responded to his put up… after which did now not trace someone. That manner no one could furthermore accumulate their hundred bucks.


— nope (@LilNasX) May maybe also simply 20, 2020

„rattling so no one desire no money? sufficient then i wager,“ he followed up, leaning into the shaggy dog memoir. 

As Mashable’s Rachel Kraus wrote, Twitter said a „‚minute‘ share of customers maintain received the take a look at and Twitter did now not utter whether this is also rolling out more widely in the lengthy trek.“

Diversified folks apart from Lil Nas X are already finding keen and enjoyable techniques to make employ of the new feature. Veritably, as is the case with something else on Twitter, it has already grow to be a meme. Sincere now it is handiest a gain few who can soar in on the enjoyable, however per chance at some point rapidly we’ll all be doing „you are going to no longer reply“ meme till it is beaten into the bottom and needless. 

1. Tomatoes don’t belong in sandwiches (including hamburgers) or salads.

2. Zucchini and eggplant suck

3. Banana bread is silly

4. End asserting “nom nom nom”

5. Any individual who overcooks their eggs or meat must encourage detention center time

6. Dark chocolate is bad

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) May maybe also simply 20, 2020

alright fellas i’m ready to give y’all an opportunity. in case you’d worship me to take into memoir fucking you, relationship you, desire me to listen to your thoughts, take into memoir your belief on something, most fresh evidence on why males if reality be told aren’t trash, reply to this tweet 🖤

— CeciATL (@CeciATL) May maybe also simply 20, 2020

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