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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s existence for she.

If reports are to be believed, Harley Quinn herself – Margot Robbie – is getting ready to recall to the high seas.

The Hollywood reporter claims Robbie will group up with Birds of Prey screenwriter Christina Hodson for a reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Disney hasn’t confirmed or denied the epic, but when social media is the leisure to head by, movie fans seem excited by the possibility of the Dread Pirate Robbie.

But is there any exact, historical basis for a female swashbuckler?

Smartly… constructive – whenever you ought to uncover the quick answer. If you ought to uncover the relatively longer answer, learn on.

Read, Bonny, O’Malley and Chin

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A time when men uncover been men, ladies folks uncover been also men and trousers uncover been former loose.

Superstitions from the heyday of pirates – the insensible 17th and early 18th centuries – supposed ladies folks weren’t ordinarily allowed on ships. Sailors believed they brought rotten success and their presence may be punished with storms.

That being the case, some ladies folks disguised themselves as men in command to location flit – and Mary Read is presumably essentially the most renowned.

She dressed as a boy to gaze work on board ship, and ended up being captured by the notorious pirate Jack Rackham – nicknamed Calico Jack.

Alongside with one more woman – Anne Bonny – she became phase of Calico Jack’s crew.

Read and Bonny uncover been both captured and sentenced to death in Jamaica. She claimed to be pregnant to accurate a quit of execution but died in detention middle there in 1721.

Pirate fans may well per chance simply additionally take note of the identify Grace O’Malley – the anglicised stamp of the 16th Century Irish leader Gráinne Ní Mháille.

Describing her simply as a pirate cheapens the memoir of a courageous leader and warrior – but her identify completely capabilities heavily in the annals of broad seafaring ladies folks.

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Pirate queen Ching Shih commanded the so-called Purple Quick.

Ching Shih began as a pirate’s wife, but when her husband died she took defend a watch on of his band of corsairs herself.

She commanded an armada of 1700 ships, the largest pirate fleet in history, and was as soon as at supreme pardoned by the Emperor of China.

Every person of these info uncover been shamelessly plundered (pirate pun intentional) from this unparalleled article from the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich – click by for many extra.

Buccanneering in books and swashbuckling on the silver disguise

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Patri-aaar-chy: Most piratical fiction has portrayed ladies folks as prizes or prey.

Worthy of our contemporary mental image of pirates owes itself to their portrayal in books and flicks.

Unhappy to voice, or now not it’s extremely now not likely right-existence pirates went round saying „shiver me timbers“ in impossible cod-Bristolian accents, and in the occasion that they went „aaargh“ at any point it was as soon as potentially because they’d trodden on one thing entertaining.

Accoutrements take care of wood legs and parrots, we owe unnecessary to grunt to Robert Louis Stevenson’s genre-defining Fancy Island.

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A new entitled Fanny Campbell, the Female Pirate Captain was as soon as a success in The United States in the mid-1800s – so powerful so as that she is infrequently assumed to be an accurate historical pirate.

But regardless of that, and right-existence examples take care of these above, tales of female piracy uncover largely slipped below the ocean of history.

Naomie Harris and Kiera Knightley, among others, gave entertaining turns in the Pirates of the Caribbean films – but in the raze it all looked as if it’d be about Captain Jack Sparrow.

Perchance now, sooner or later, the tide is popping.

Hollywood: A cutthroat commercial

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Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island – it was as soon as a broad flop

If the reports about Margot Robbie’s pirate picture stamp flip out to be correct variety, you’ll demand one movie comparison particularly to be trotted out.

As a result of Hollywood has tried sooner than to bring us a female-fronted pirate blockbuster, with 1995’s Cutthroat Island.

It boasted one of many largest stars at the time – Geena Davis – backed up by a immense price range.

When it became one of many largest flops of all time, the ’sinking without impress‘ metaphors almost wrote themselves.

„A joyless hodgepodge of the pirate genre’s flotsam and jetsam,“ is the devastating broadside that marks its watery grave on Execrable Tomatoes, where it has a ranking of 38%.

Uncertain waters, certainly.

But as a group, Robbie and Hodson completely uncover stamp in taking a male-dominated movie franchise and flipping it on its head.

In 2016’s Suicide Squad, Robbie’s Harley Quinn was as soon as fixated on The Joker, who flies in to rescue her on a helicopter.

But in Birds of Prey – released this twelve months – Harley realises she’s extra than in a position to rescuing herself.

Lend a hand in 2017 reports uncover been swirling that Robbie was as soon as also location to stamp a similar things with the Robin Hood memoir.

Perchance the wind is sooner or later location titillating for the feminine pirate blockbuster that will stamp justice to one of the significant significant right-existence gender-role-busting buccanneers of history.

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