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Thor spins his hammer Mjolnir, and smashes a robot from outer bellow to smithereens.

He’s defending planet earth, a job he’s been doing for in the case of 50 years in comics, on TV and – most critically just these days – in movies.

But this time, the Thor on show appears to be like to be like and sounds a small bit diverse. And he’ll behave otherwise reckoning on who’s playing.

Because that is now not any longer the flicks. Or no longer it’s miles a up to date game that contains the Avengers.

But in accordance to the actor bringing Thor to lifestyles for it, that is now not any longer precise a unpleasant imitation of the massively winning Marvel blockbusters.

Travis Willingham tells Radio 1 Newsbeat: „To me… or no longer it’s making your gain film.

„Moderately than precise being in a originate of passive viewer perspective.“

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Avid gamers within the sport can customise their versions of the Avengers

Gloomy Widow, famously performed by Scarlett Johansson within the flicks, is performed in this game by Laura Bailey.

And for her, the predominant disagreement between the 2 versions is alternative.

„You ranking to embody these heroes,“ she says. „You ranking to feel equivalent to you are them – nonetheless they ranking to be the version you receive to occupy them to be.“

Travis and Laura are sharing a settee in their home in California – they’re chatting to us on-line.

Because – dwelling twist – within the true world, Gloomy Widow and Thor are married.

„What does it feel receive to be sitting next to a god?“ jokes Travis to Laura in his Thor express.

He says he’s no longer bored of the inevitable comparisons with the massively winning movie franchise.

„I love what Chris Hemsworth did as Thor,“ he says.

„It would possibly maybe maybe be a deceive suppose that I didn’t exhaust that as a initiating point for the personality.

„He would possibly maybe occupy been very gruff or very aggressive – as an alternate he made him a indubitably true, relatable personality, with very apparent weaknesses and strengths.

„I if truth be told occupy the flicks on the entire time!“

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Thor is performed by Travis Willingham within the Marvel Avengers game

When the sport modified into first and predominant announced, the characters occupy been criticised by some for having a ask treasure fairly bland versions of the iconic superheroes.

But within the support of the animations is a solid of actors fabricated from gaming royalty.

From Nolan North (who plays Nathan Drake within the Uncharted sequence) and Troy Baker (favorite for playing Joel in The Closing of Us) to Travis and Laura.

Travis just these days performed Kingpin in Spiderman and Laura’s been heralded for her performance as Abby within the Closing of Us 2.

They additionally occupy a lengthy historical past of performing these roles in old video games, from mobile titles to Lego versions.

Developers are hoping these contemporary versions of the characters will charm to Marvel fans.

The game’s performed from a third particular person perspective, and as with titles treasure Destiny 2 or The Division, it desires avid gamers to work thru missions to purchase making improvements to their chosen personality’s skills, gear and powers.

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Reviews up to now occupy been blended.

Some critics are pissed off at the lack of fluctuate within the gameplay and technical complications, while at the identical time being impressed at the performances and among the cinematic moments within the sport.

Travis and Laura they hope this would possibly maybe maybe salvage an target market alive to for more Avengers motion.

„There’s no manner we occupy been going so as to be what the flicks are,“ says Laura.

„We’re making a in reality diverse story, and or no longer it’s substantial to be breaking off in that manner.“

Travis adds: „Being fingers-on with these characters, being able to bewitch which motion you opt, being able to occupy that agency is unparalleled.

„I occupy that’s refreshing for an target market that knows Marvel to understand there are contemporary tips, contemporary dynamics and contemporary issues to salvage out about and investigate.“

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