• Kate McCue is the captain of Celeb Cruises‘ Celeb Edge.
  • McCue is the first American lady (and fifth lady total) to expose a mega cruise ship. In step with McCue, a mega cruise ship has a depraved tonnage of 80,000 or extra; the Celeb Edge’s is kind of 131,000.
  • While she works on the ship 24/7 for three months after which has three months off, McCue stated she loves her job so mighty that she would fortunately take less fracture day.
  • She likened the job of a cruise-ship captain to being the CEO of a company, with most of her time spent sitting in conferences, managing individuals, and doing kinds.
  • But she also gets time to locate the locations the place the cruise stops, documenting her adventures for her 91,400 Instagram followers. She also takes her cat, Malicious program Bare, who has 28,500 followers on Instagram, on every time out.
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Kate McCue, captain of the Celeb Edge, a 2,918-passenger cruise ship, says she has too mighty fracture day work.

„We end three months on, three months off, and it be build of admire you retire every three months,“ she educated Insider of her work agenda. „I would issue 5 months on to 2 weeks off. That would perhaps perchance be aesthetic.“

In truth, when asked about her least celebrated component about working, eating, and snoozing all within the equivalent spot, she spoke back, „Having to head away my job and hunch on vacation.“

In 2015, when McCue was named the captain of a a bit smaller ship — the 2,158-passenger Celeb Summit — she grew to change into the first American lady (and fifth lady total) to expose a mega cruise ship.

In step with McCue, „dimension matters,“ as mega cruise ships gain a depraved tonnage of 80,000 or extra. The Celeb Edge’s depraved tonnage is kind of 131,000.

McCue stated that at that dimension, you can not call it a ship.

„You would possibly perchance perchance also build a ship on a ship, but you can not build a ship on a ship,“ she stated.

To McCue, ship existence is admire being in a bubble

Captain Kate

McCue brings a mermaid tail on every time out.


„I’m so enraged to return into my bubble,“ she stated of getting serve to work after three months off.

„All the pieces’s greater on the ship. You admire, this staunch world sucks. It be sitting in visitors, going grocery taking a ogle, cooking for yourself, making your gain mattress, all of these issues.“

McCue stated she tries to have confidence her fracture day by taking on public-relatives gigs, attending trainings, or finding different routes to signify her company.

McCue’s interest in cruise ships goes serve to when she was 12 years historical

McCue stated she grew to change into attracted to cruises after occurring a voyage alongside with her family. After her memorable first time out, she educated her dad she wanted to be a cruise director when she grew up. In step with McCue, he educated her, „You would possibly perchance perchance also end anything you issue to gain, together with force the component.“

And force the component she does.

McCue went to Cal Maritime, encouraged and impressed by her father, who had also as soon as applied there but did now not met the age requirements after a stint within the Peace Corps.

There she bought a diploma in enterprise administration, as successfully as a license to flit „anything from a tugboat to a supertanker, and all the pieces in between,“ she stated.

While McCue stated she would perhaps perchance now not web one with out the opposite, the premise was also that she would gain the diploma to descend serve on have to she ever web in gloomy health of boating. But within the damage, she stated, it „comes in if truth be told at hand,“ specifically as the captain of a ship, „since you are gorgeous mighty admire the CEO of, for instance, the Celeb Edge, a $1.2 billion enterprise, in barely that one step.“

Captain Kate

McCue calls the ship her „bubble.“
Celeb Cruises

McCue likens her job as a captain to that of a CEO and says her success did now not blueprint in a single day

„I started on the backside. I was an apprentice officer on banana boats, which were taking bananas between Guayaquil, Ecuador, and Long Seaside,“ she stated. „Cargo ships are aesthetic, but I continually wanted to be on cruise ships.“

Adore pilots, who build in hours of flight time, captains must build in days at sea. McCue stated it took her 19 years from the time she started working on ships to turn staunch into a captain in 2015.

When the general public bring to mind the job of a ship captain, they imagine hours spent taking a ogle out to sea and pushing round an fabulous wood steering wheel, but that’s no longer if truth be told what she does in any admire

„We blueprint no longer sit on the bridge“ — the ship’s expose heart — „for hours on end, because we’ve got primarily done that,“ McCue stated. „I spent 19 years taking a ogle out the window as an officer of the study.“

She explained that she’s responsible of your entire ship’s division heads, who document straight to her and consist of a first-rate engineer, a hotel director, a employees captain in payment of security and ship repairs, and a human-sources supervisor.

McCue stated her days are spent in day after day conferences with these division heads, main various inspections of the ship, doing kinds, and taking fragment in events with the company and crew. She’s on call 24/7 and takes a nap every afternoon in case one thing comes up dumb at night.

It be no longer all laborious work, though, as McCue stated she gets to exit and locate the ports alongside the cruise’s stops. She documents her adventures on Instagram, the place she’s racked up over 91,000 followers.

„There would possibly perchance be now not this kind of thing as a such component as a median day, since in point of fact that on day by day foundation is various,“ she stated. „Whether or no longer it be individuals that it is seemingly you’ll perchance also simply gain on board, the locations that you are in, and even the climate, all the pieces adjustments. So you are no longer ever going to gain the equivalent day twice, which is completely chilly.“

kate mccue

„I feel the major to a gay marriage is 12 time zones,“ McCue joked.


McCue stated she considers her coworkers family, and that partly comes all the style down to the working ambiance.

„It is a long way a odd ambiance the place you play, you’re employed, we sleep all within the equivalent spot. But what that technique is you bond with individuals that you’re employed with so mighty stronger than you end with individuals on land,“ she stated, together with that she now has friends in dozens of countries. „It makes the arena a if truth be told, very runt spot.“

As a result of the personality of her job, she would now not web to search round for her husband, an engineer she met whereas working on a definite ship, on day by day foundation

„I feel the major to a gay marriage is 12 time zones,“ McCue stated, together with that she sees her husband of 13 years extra now by FaceTime than they did when they every worked on the equivalent ship.

„He’s in Italy, I’m within the Caribbean, and I if truth be told web to hear about his day, he gets to hear about my day, and it if truth be told works for us,“ she stated.

Doing the math, McCue stated that after her husband joins her for a New twelve months’s cruise, they’ll gain seen every other for 49 days in 2019. But to her, it be no longer about amount, but the quality of their time spent together.

„Now we gain bought this if truth be told neat build of round-the-world honeymoon component occurring, which is completely chilly since it makes primarily the most out of the time we’ve got got, and we’re having some if truth be told myth adventures,“ she stated.

It also helps that she brings her cat, Malicious program Bare, on every voyage. Furthermore Insta-illustrious, with bigger than 28,500 followers, Malicious program’s myth continually offers glimpses into ship existence.

„The three issues I continually depart with are Malicious program, my Louboutins, and a mermaid tail,“ McCue stated.

Bug Captain Kate's Cat

Malicious program Bare has 28,500 followers on Instagram.
Celeb Cruises

On March 8, for Worldwide Women folk’s Day, McCue will be crusing a ship staffed by an all-females bridge and officer crew

The captain stated Celeb Cruises has been working laborious to web extra female representation on board.

„Now we gain long past from a 3% female bridge crew to over 22% on each ship in our like a flash. The Celeb Edge, she came out with 30% of the bridge crew being female,“ she stated, together with that she hopes other corporations will rapidly apply suit.

„We’re hoping that one thing admire this Worldwide Women folk’s Day we build that message accessible and individuals originate to web on board and other corporations will originate to raise up, because staunch now we’ve got got over twice the representation — primarily I feel three times the representation — of any company within the cruise alternate,“ she stated.

„It be a immense time in our alternate,“ she added. „You admire, extra ships are coming out. There are so mighty of alternatives for all and sundry, whether or no longer you issue to gain to be on the bridge or you issue to gain to be in any of the opposite departments on our ships. It be a immense spot to be. It be an implausible ambiance, and it be a likelihood to depart the arena and meet the single individuals. So that’s build of my message.“

While the job is demanding, per McCue, it has its perks.

„Folk that blueprint on cruises blueprint for what I web to expertise day by day,“ she stated, „and I web paid for it.“


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