Mark Wood

The bio-stable atmosphere in Southampton, where we’re preparing for the Test sequence against West Indies, feels a chunk of affection a sci-fi movie.

When we first grew to change into up, there turned into a gigantic tent exterior the resort, where we needed to head by to salvage our temperature scanned. We dropped our baggage off so that they’ll even just be sprayed sooner than they had been taken in.

Internal, there don’t seem like any room keys – you initiate doors with an app on your phone. There is hand sanitiser at every flip, and on the ground there are arrows, traces and footprints to show the attain to head. We bear in a well being questionnaire every morning and receive our personal temperature sooner than we scurry to breakfast.

When we expend the bewitch, we press buttons with our elbows, and only four of us can salvage in at once. In the bewitch, all americans turns out to face a different wall, which makes it reasonably complicated to personal a dialog.

Now we personal got to position on our accreditation any time we’re now no longer in our rooms or on the practising pitch. The accreditation has a chip that tracks your actions, so if someone does fall in unpleasant health, we are able to grab who they’ve been in contact with. In a similar diagram, we establish apart on face masks any time we’re now no longer in our rooms or initiate air.

At meal instances, it’s upright love being help in class. We queue up (socially distanced, if truth be told), and receive a tray and cutlery that’s wrapped in a get. You growth around and quiz to be served the food you would maybe well maybe well love, then receive it to take a seat at your individual particular person desk, taking a stare upon the help of the person in front.

If it sounds love I am painting a grim picture, that’s now no longer the diagram, because I know we’re very lucky to be here and we’ve all been taking a gaze ahead to the likelihood to play cricket again.

To me, your full procedures we’re going by are an extension to 2 of three pillars that the England crew is built on: team spirit and admire.

Solidarity because we’re all on this collectively, and admire because we receive the precautions now no longer upright to select out out ourselves stable, however also all americans else in the bubble.

Stokes loses his System 1 crown

Coaching days, which attain two or three at a time, are busy. One half of of the day is spent in the nets or on cricket abilities, whereas the opposite half of is in the health club.

It is a long way the times off, or the evenings, that will also be now no longer easy to bear. For that reason, we’re lucky sufficient to had been given masses of choices for preserving entertained.

The nearby golf direction is taking a battering. I am now no longer mighty of a golfer – I fundamentally only play yearly – however I even personal played three instances in the previous week by myself.

I even personal tried to salvage the golf bug, however I mediate I salvage worse. I went for a ramble with Ben Stokes, and he gave me some guidelines that I turned into contented with, upright for my subsequent round to be bad. I upright can’t salvage my head around how a decent athlete can hit one decent shot, then prepare it with one who scuttles alongside the ground.

Some distance flung from the golf direction, we’ve a pool table, a trip board and table tennis. We play a form of playing cards, which will get reasonably competitive. Joe Denly is the scorer and fundamentally the winner. Work that one out.

The thing attracting the most consideration is the System 1 simulator, which is practical all the diagram down to the seat, steering wheel and pedals.

You would possibly maybe well also bear in mind that Stokesy turned into focused on a bound at some level of lockdown, so he knows easy systems to space it as a lot as carry out the vehicle scurry faster. He establish apart his lap time up because the one to beat, however he has now been topped by the Overton brothers. From my abilities, driving an F1 vehicle in a face cloak can salvage a chunk of heated.

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What’s going to an England Test match ogle love?

Bowling bouncers at my crew-mates

On the discipline, we’ve frequently built up the depth in direction of the three-day word match, which begins on Wednesday.

On the one hand, this will almost certainly be abnormal attempting to salvage up for an inner match in an empty ground, however, on the opposite, there are 30 avid gamers vying for a station in that Test aspect.

As a rapid bowler, portion of my armoury is being aggressive, attempting to rough up the opposition. Would I be contented attempting to build that to my England crew-mates on this arena? Potentially now no longer, however if the captain or coach asks me to, then that’s what I’ll personal to build.

I’d rather ogle at it as an opportunity to experiment with the abilities that I even had been finding out at some level of lockdown, however I even personal also purchased to bear in mind that there are Test spots up for grabs and I are attempting to provide the single myth of myself. If I salvage hit for a pair of fours, I am sure the competitive juices will float.

There has been a form of focus on Stokesy being captain in the first Test, with Joe Root lacking out to be at the starting up of his 2d little one.

I am one among the few of us which personal in actual fact played below Stokesy, help in our days on the Durham academy.

He turned into a appropriate skipper help then, leading from the front, upright love he does now. Because the years personal long gone on, he has matured right into a senior player, setting the instance and dragging of us alongside with him.

He has a appropriate cricket mind and, even supposing he does now no longer personal mighty captaincy abilities, he can personal seasoned avid gamers love James Anderson and Stuart Monumental around to leap suggestions off.

Stokesy won’t now no longer upright grunt of us what to build. He knows that avid gamers are americans, so he’ll treat them as such. That talked about, he’s also very good, so he won’t be skittish to reveal it straight if somebody is now no longer pulling their weight or sticking to a belief.

He’ll build an very good job.

Model Wood turned into talking to BBC Sport’s Stephan Shemilt.

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