Outer Banks begins with a typhoon. Right here’s a fine routine climate sample for the North Carolina coastal islands, and the native young folk know precisely what they want to carry out: clutch their surfboards and hit the ocean ride. No longer no longer up to, that’s what the joys-looking out for, tough-around-the-edges Pogues carry out. Meet John B (Scamper Stokes), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Kiara (Madison Bailey), the central crew on Netflix’s most up-to-date teen drama, who, after John B’s dad goes lacking, bump into a adore scheme poised to expose a ways more secrets than lawful a buried riches.

“If the Goonies were 16 years mature, and didn’t care to earn caught drinking beer and smoking pot and having the easiest time of their lifestyles,” Stokes tells MTV News, “that is susceptible to be Outer Banks.”

Very like the 1985 film, friendship is on the core of the level to. No longer steadily carry out viewers take a look at up on the community of four separated, specifically within the summer when the water is virtually calling their names. They earn got solar to clutch, boats to power, and parties to serve. Lifestyles is available, lawful looking ahead to them to dwell it. “It is like summer camp with no counselors,” Daviss says.


And for the file, that was neutral appropriate whether or no longer or no longer the cameras were rolling. Series creator Jonas Pate, a made out of the hang loose daily life, made obvious of that, encouraging the solid to dive headfirst (generally actually) into the actions that shaped him. Filming in Charleston, South Carolina, they surfed, wakeboarded at some stage in lunch breaks, and — after the wanted security classes — took their very have boats to and from location collectively; Stokes even took classes with a dive master to prepare for a 25-foot on-digicam scuba excursion.

“Anytime you take a look at up on us on digicam laughing and joking around that it was 100 p.c accurate, 100 p.c of the time,” Bailey says. There were times the solid handiest realized they were being filmed when the photography made it into the level to as B-roll. Photos of them chilling on the boat, laughing, singing, throwing ice — those are pictures of Stokes, Daviss, Pankow, and Bailey as themselves. They moreover snuck about a of their jokes into the dialogue. (Assume Topper actor Austin North everytime you hear the note ‘rig,’ and know that assistant director Michael Jefferson will get credit ranking for the ‘sizzling damns.’) “We were watching the level to and we’re like, ‘Oh my God, I will no longer imagine they kept that,’” Bailey adds.

“It is so much of stupid nights, so much of deep conversations, so much of time invested into each varied, and it wasn’t a pressured part, which I judge is the wonderful thing about it,” Stokes says. And, needless to claim, it didn’t damage that they were having the time of their lives. “It appears like every little one’s dream to lawful more or less move off with their mates, carry out regardless of they want, earn a car to carry out it, no longer earn curfew and lawful have not any principles for a little,” Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron, an upscale Kook and social rival to the Pogues (and, crucially, John B’s ex). “It is lawful that fun Pogue daily life, the ‘take it straightforward, dwell más.’”


Add to their adventurous spirits the suspense of a adore hunt with a $400 million money prize and the take a look at up on John B’s father, and you’re in for an scoot. Intriguing more like a maze than a puzzle, Outer Banks weaves via clues handiest to hit unnecessary ends, with new issues cropping around every nook — about a of them armed and unafraid to shoot — and ever-raising stakes.

The solid’s handiest advice: Question the surprising, because as soon as issues originate, the Pogues will push forward stout throttle except they attain where they’re attempting to move — or at least, someplace in that discipline. “It does conclude up with a more or less demand imprint,” Pankow says, hinting that will maybe well even merely silent followers desire a Season 2, it’s no longer outside of the realm of possibility. (Needless to allege, no longer undoubtedly a few of the actors would be opposed to one more summer of never-ending fun.)

For the time being, your subsequent binge-glance awaits in North Carolina. “You earn to dive into thriller, you earn to dive into the joys, you earn to dive into adore, you earn to dive into friendship, and it be all done in a capability that would not feel pressured on your face,” Stokes says. “I judge it be more or less a fashion of ‘D, the final above’ answers.”

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