We’re finest six months (at most!) remote from the gap of Nintendo’s gigantic contemporary theme park at Universal Studios, Osaka. Which formula it’s time to no longer finest fetch a gigantic hype trailer, nonetheless some precise details on the put to boot, including a in actual fact cool, very Mario characteristic.

It’s a pretty comely vid, hinting at what’s to end back from two of the park’s rides (Mario Kart and Yoshi), to boot as introducing a smartphone app that works alongside a band that can even be bought must you advance.

An accompanying Japanese press tournament says the app permits you to stroll around the park smacking blocks, and in doing so incomes cash (and customarily stars). A park leaderboard will song these gathering perchance the most, whereas some areas also gain “boss battles” in which several company can team up in some formula.

UPDATE: Right here’s the smartphone + witness in action, via Bloomberg. This is going to hotfoot grown adults t

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