Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Parsons‘ early performing abilities as a comedy straight man made him supreme as the unflappable presenter of 1 in every of BBC Radio 4’s longest-working programmes, Correct A Minute.

For larger than 50 years, he requested his guests to be in contact without hesitation, repetition or deviation on subject issues as diverse as burglars, Birmingham and biscuits in mattress.

Each week, Parsons tried, most frequently unsuccessfully, to withhold a bevy of celeb panellists in bid including Paul Merton, Derek Nimmo, Sheila Hancock and the demonstrate’s undoubted scene-stealer, Kenneth Williams.

Constantly neatly coiffed and invariably immaculate in blazer and flannels, Parsons‘ soft tones on Correct A Minute and, more in particular, his sugary listing on Sale of the Century, made him a clear reminder of a bygone age and a ripe scheme for other comedians.

Christopher Nicholas Parsons used to be born on 10 October 1923 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, the son of a GP. His father’s patients incorporated the Thatcher family, even supposing there is not very a definitive proof, as has been urged, that Dr Parsons delivered the long depart top minister.

Nicholas Parsons described himself in his autobiography as „the unconventional baby of worn folks“.

His early schooling used to be hampered by dyslexia and the insistence of his teachers that he could perhaps perhaps peaceful write on the side of his correct hand, despite being born left-handed. He used to be additionally hampered by a hiss which he finally managed to beat.

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Important-Binding-in-the-Marsh used to be a favored comedy demonstrate within the early 1950s

He had early ambitions to be an actor but his folks adversarial the scheme that, his mother believing demonstrate enterprise used to be fit correct for „drunks and low-lifes“.

As a replacement, a few strings own been pulled through family contacts and he joined a shipbuilding firm on Clydeside to coach as an engineer.

Thrown into a difficult working ambiance, he used to be compelled to resort to jokes and impersonations to take hold of over the Glasgow shipbuilders who regarded him as an advanced boy. The abilities helped launch his demonstrate enterprise occupation.

Illness prevented him taking on a proposal to be a part of the carrier provider navy for the length of the battle but, by this time, he had begun taking minute ingredients in native theatres around Glasgow the put he additionally did impressions.


Appealing to London, he worked in repertory, cabaret, on the West Cease stage, and on the Windmill Theatre as a comic book. He looked in reasonably a few radio shows including Important-Binding-in-the-Marsh.

His worthy leap forward came when he began working as a straight man for Arthur Haynes, whose ITV demonstrate had made him the most well liked comic in Britain.

Parsons excelled as the authority resolve in sketches for the length of which Haynes, most frequently in his accepted role as a tramp, railed against the institution. So much of the scripts own been written by Johnny Speight, the creator of Till Dying Us Enact Fragment.

He used to be so winning that Haynes began to hunt him as a threat and the pair parted firm quickly after an look on the Ed Sullivan Point out.

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Sale of the Century pulled in audiences of 20 million

In 1960, he voiced the character of Tex Tucker within the tv puppet sequence, Four Feather Falls, produced by Gerry Anderson who would later depart on to make Thunderbirds.

Correct A Minute first aired on 22 January 1967. Parsons had first and major wished to be a panellist however the BBC insisted his abilities as a comedy straight man made him supreme for the location of chairman.

„As a correct straight man,“ he once acknowledged, “ throw out the lines so the comic can own a correct springboard to come help help. You additionally know web a droll fable at your expense.“

It remained one among the hallmarks of the demonstrate as Parsons, with varying levels of success, dealt with panellists equivalent to Kenneth Williams, whose medicine of his chairman ranged from toadying sycophancy to outright abuse.

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Parsons used to be the chairman of BBC Radio 4’s Correct A Minute for larger than 50 years

Later stars esteem Paul Merton and Stephen Fry saved the usual viewers of two million listeners entertained whereas Parsons, who by no manner overlooked a recording within the major five decades that he fronted the demonstrate, remained the butt of a chain of pleasing jokes.

Sale of the Century made him one among Britain’s most acquainted faces. Announcer John Benson’s „And now from Norwich, it’s miles the Quiz of the Week“ used to be the introduction to a demonstrate that first and major ran for 12 years from 1971.

With its glamorous „store assistants“ and the mounted grin of its host, the programme grew to turn into one among the most winning tv shows of its time, with as much as 20 million folks tuning in.

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Parsons (correct) with other stars of BBC Radio 4 on the plan’s 1971 summer programme launch

Parsons robustly rejected strategies that his look on the programme amounted to dumbing down. „I’m contented with the reality I helped get hold of a huge success,“ he acknowledged. „You make now now not buck success.“

Nonetheless, he later admitted the programme had made his occupation web one thing of a dip on myth of people assumed he used to be now correct a quiz master.

Parsons persisted his straight man role when he joined The Benny Hill Point out in 1969 the put he remained for five years.

Budding performers

He later put himself on the mercy of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson in The Silly Strip Gifts, by which he looked as himself.

This willingness to share the droll fable, appearing on tv programmes esteem Beget I Bought Data for You, playing a vampire’s victim in a 1989 episode of Physician Who and narrating The Rocky Terror Point out all helped him accrue an even cult location, and a surprisingly youthful fan heart-broken.

He used to be additionally winning away from the microphone. He topic up his absorb production firm that made short motion pictures for cinema, wrote two volumes of autobiography and made it into the Guinness Guide of Records in 1978 for the longest ever after-dinner speech, larger than 11 hours.

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Nicholas Parsons has a detailed stumble on in Physician Who

He used to be additionally a conventional on the Edinburgh Fringe the put his Nicholas Parsons‘ Entirely satisfied Hour featured his absorb stand-up routine and a chain of guests, reasonably a few them budding performers inspired by Parsons.

Nonetheless, his annual critical particular person flip on the Fringe used to be cancelled in 2019 after Parsons used to be admitted to neatly being facility. He used to be as a consequence of construct four offered-out shows.

It adopted a uncommon no-demonstrate on Correct A Minute with what the BBC acknowledged used to be a „sinful help“. It used to be most attention-grabbing the second time he had overlooked a taping within the panel demonstrate’s 52-year history.

Parsons used to be fanatical about cricket, both as a participant and supporter, and used to be a president of the Lord’s Taverners. He additionally served as rector of the College of St Andrews and used to be a renowned supporter of the Liberal Democrats.

He married the actress Denise Bryer in 1954. The couple divorced in 1989 and he subsequently married Ann Reynolds.

He used to be once requested what drove him to proceed working at an age when most folk would own been tickled to potter about within the garden. He acknowledged he did it on myth of it used to be relaxing.

„You would also’t web yourself severely. I learned that being a straight man. That’s what I fabricate on Correct A Minute – laugh at myself and they make jokes at my expense. But that’s what existence’s about, is now now not it? Having relaxing.“

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