After questions about whether Wonder Girl 1984 would perchance skip theaters to premiere digitally, a brand recent trailer for the movie confirms it’s getting the wide-visual display unit treatment.

Director Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal appeared at DC Comics’ FanDome match to resolution about a target audience Q&A’s and debut the recent trailer. The recent trailer sees Wonder Girl have interaction on Cheetah, a brand recent villain performed by Kristen Wiig. There are also some recent scenes reuniting Diana Prince with Steve Trevor.

Wonder Girl 1984 used to be before every thing presupposed to hit theaters on June 5th, nonetheless used to be delayed to August 14th as Warner Bros. tried to resolve out a brand recent agenda for its blockbusters with theaters closed. The studio then delayed Wonder Girl 1984 all over again from August 14th to October 2nd, which remains basically the most modern release date.

“I in fact focal point on the movie is so nice on the wide visual display unit,” Jenkins acknowledged all the plot thru the match. “We’re going to stick it out, and we judge in inserting it within the cinema.”

Earlier this 300 and sixty five days, AT&T CEO John Stankey spoke about whether sure titles beneath the Warner Bros. impress (WarnerMedia is a subsidiary of AT&T) would fling on to digital shops. Warner Bros., In model, and Disney occupy all pulled about a of their motion photographs from theatrical releases to debut them on digital platforms amidst the pandemic. When it came to some of Warner Bros. bigger titles, Stankey dominated out Christopher Nolan’s Tenet ever getting a digital-first release. Whereas Wonder Girl 1984 remained “unlikely” to fling that route, it wasn’t inconceivable.

“Produce I focal point on there would possibly perchance perchance perchance be some issues that we constructed for theatrical release that migrates into a [streaming] invent? Obvious,” Stankey acknowledged. “Is It going to occur on a movie take care of Tenet or Wonder Girl 1984? I’d be very greatly bowled over… in fact, I will guarantee you on Tenet that’s no longer going to be the case.”

Now, on the different hand, it appears to be like to be take care of Wonder Girl 1984 can even solely fling to theaters. Nothing is sure, though.

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