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The Academy Awards 2020 are executed and dusted and the winners are flying high on champagne bubbles.

However if they need to capitalise on their Oscars success, time is of the essence.

To perform the quite a lot of the public and film moguls‘ hobby, the a success stars need to safe abet to the grindstone.

With that in solutions, right here is what we are able to hope to protect up for from the triumphant actors, actresses and director.

Bong Joon-ho

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Obtained: Fully director for the darkly comic South Korean social satire Parasite, which additionally won him the coveted most fascinating image award – the significant time a non-English language film has executed so.

How many Oscars is that now? Two, for most fascinating director and most fascinating common screenplay, despite the proven truth that with Parasite worthwhile in two assorted categories (most fascinating image and most fascinating international film), you would argue that Bong won four golden statuettes in a single night – a feat fully previously executed by Walt Disney in 1953.

What’s subsequent? Bong says he has two projects up his sleeve: One is a Korean feature he is been honing for the final decade, the assorted is an English mission, which he is within the device of researching, he told CNN. Talking backstage on the Oscars, he declined to give additional fundamental aspects, nonetheless said: „I create safe a belief. I in fact need to work. It be my job.“

Brad Pitt

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Obtained: Fully supporting actor for As soon as Upon A Time In Hollywood. Pitt performed Cliff Booth, stuntman-grew to turn out to be-sidekick to Leonardo DiCaprio’s fading TV celebrity Rick Dalton.

How many Oscars is that now? Two. He won in 2014 for producing 12 Years A Slave nonetheless had by no device won an performing award previously, despite several nominations.

What’s subsequent? He’s bought a amount of projects on the boil as producer, in conjunction with a camouflage version of Impress Haddon’s fresh The Extraordinary Incident of the Dog within the Evening-Time. On the performing entrance, he is thought of as starring alongside Emma Stone in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon, yet any other film situation within the Hollywood of a bygone generation. This time the memoir takes location within the leisurely 1920s, for the length of the film enterprise’s transition from quiet movies to talkies.

When will it be in cinemas? Selection journal says Babylon is situation for free up on 25 December, 2021, a top location for awards season.

Laura Dern

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Obtained: Fully supporting actress for taking part in a troublesome-talking, hotshot divorce criminal first rate in Marriage Narrative.

How many Oscars is that now? One nonetheless she’s been nominated twice before – for most fascinating supporting actress in 2014’s Wild, and for most fascinating actress in 1991’s Rambling Rose.

What’s subsequent? She’s situation to resume her role as paleobotanist (optimistic, that’s a accurate job) Dr Ellie Sattler in Jurassic World, the third instalment of the rebooted dinosaur franchise.

Who co-stars and directs? Fellow Jurassic stalwarts Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard be part of Dern on-camouflage, while director Colin Trevorrow returns after 2015’s Jurassic World.

When will it be on camouflage? It be at show scheduled for free up in June 2021.

Renee Zellweger

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Obtained: Fully actress for recreating Judy Garland’s final bustle of live displays within the musical biopic Judy.

How many Oscars is that now? Two. After nominations for three years in a row from 2002 to 2004, she indirectly won the Oscar for most fascinating supporting actress for the American Civil War drama Frosty Mountain.

What’s subsequent? She has nothing on the agenda (that’s identified about, on the least). Helen Fielding is writing a modern Bridget Jones book so per chance a return to her kooky character lies on the horizon. Let’s proper hope she doesn’t spend yet any other six years off, as she did from 2010 – 2016.

Joaquin Phoenix

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Obtained: Fully actor for his solutions-bending efficiency in Joker.

How many Oscars is that now? One, nonetheless he is been nominated three cases before. He bought most fascinating actor nominations for The Grasp in 2013 and for taking part in nation singer Johnny Income Dawdle the Line in 2006 and used to be up for most fascinating supporting actor in 2001 for Gladiator.

What’s subsequent? C’mon C’mon.

What’s it about? It be a drama in which he performs the uncle of a proficient and aloof boy, whose father struggles with bipolar disorder.

Who co-stars and directs? Co-stars encompass Gaby Hoffman, identified for the comedy series Girls, and dancer Kenneth Kynt Bryan. Mike Mills, identified for 2010’s Learners, directs and additionally wrote the screenplay.

When will it be in cinemas? Later this yr.

Sharon Choi: An Oscar-winner within the making?

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Obtained: No first rate film awards, nonetheless Bong Joon-ho’s right interpreter claims the trophy for worthwhile hearts. She grew to turn out to be a social media phenomenon, as a result of her poise, humour and dignified dedication to her job.

The 25-yr-inclined has accompanied Bong since the Cannes film competition final yr (where Parasite won the Palme d’Or) and they seem to safe developed a symbiotic relationship. Choi’s skill has been to discuss the emotional essence of the director’s phrases, as an alternative of providing a literal translation. At the Oscars, she three cases conveyed the director’s messages of gratitude to your complete of Hollywood, unfazed by the glitzy viewers.

What’s subsequent? Choi has plans to perform her cling film… regarding the awards season.

„She’s a film-maker, and she studied film at university,“ said Bong, backstage at Sunday night’s ceremony. „She’s writing [a] feature-length script. I’m so uncommon about it.“

Taika Waititi

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Obtained: Fully adapted screenplay for the Nazi satire Jojo Rabbit – an off-the-wall drama which makes you giggle and wince concurrently because it skates the skinny line of lawful taste.

How many Oscars is that now?: That is his first Oscar make a selection and, in yet any other first for the night’s proceedings, he is the significant Maori to decide on an Academy Award.

What’s subsequent? Waititi is at show filming an unspecified role within the sequel to 2016’s The Suicide Squad alongside Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Idris Elba, which relies mostly on the DC Comics supervillain personnel of the linked name.

Also on his to-create record is directing Subsequent Goal Wins, with Elisabeth Moss and Michael Fassbender. It be an adaptation of the 2014 British soccer documentary about Dutch coach Thomas Rongen who tried to recount the American Samoa soccer personnel from established losers into winners.

He’ll then co-celebrity in comedy Free Guy (led by Stranger Issues director Shawn Levy) alongside Ryan and Jodie Comer, before returning to reveal the Wonder film Thor: Like and Deliver. Waititi, who previously helmed 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, will severely change Natalie Portman proper into a female Thor, presumably changing Chris Hemsworth’s iteration of the superhero.

When will they be in cinemas? Free Guy is due out in July, adopted by The Suicide Squad in August. Subsequent Goal Wins is yet to gain a free up date and Thor: Like and Deliver is due on our screens in November 2021.

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